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  1. Jawbs


    3.1 ... soon-ish... much better. much needed. much wanted. much waited.
  2. Jawbs

    Don't like a post? Having a bad time?

    Unloving posts happen here and there. If it's really bad, you can report it. What if it's not that bad? Perhaps you could do something to destroy it yourself? Understand though, this would only be a temporary relief. Posts would still ultimately be there, but that moment of satisfaction would...
  3. Jawbs


    Hi, Is model by name AmberCutie/ AmberLynneGirl is still on myfreecams. If yes, when will she be available on mfc. Thanks
  4. Jawbs

    bean and cheese burritos

    in this thread we share our love for bean and cheese burritos. Below is amber (before hormones and surgery) and I enjoying the classic B&CB.
  5. Jawbs

    Because I had to take the site offline for a while...

    .. I also took the opportunity to fix something that was buggin'. Thank this post and you'll see!
  6. Jawbs

    JCF is live!

    I'm really excited to announce that after months of intense negotiations and many beers later, JCF is finally a reality! Please don't be alarmed, I promise to run things just as shitty as they've always been around here. At least now the forums design matches the craptastic content posted. It...
  7. Jawbs

    this forum needs...

    more smilies! :happy-cheerleaderkid:
  8. Jawbs

    Posts per page

    Howdy. I personally hate having to click "next page" so often when reading these forums because the "posts per page" variable is currently set to 10. Normally, I would just ask Amber about making a change but I'm pretty sure she's still knocked out in bed from Mega May. So tell me, my friends...
  9. Jawbs


    ITT we make amber magically appear in other images. I'll start with my poor photoshop skills.... Original: Amberized: Go.
  10. Jawbs

    rage thread

    I'll start....
  11. Jawbs

    Star Wars: TOR ... pressions/ Hopefully it lives up to expectations and doesn't feel too much like existing games.
  12. Jawbs

    Ask Jawbs Almost Anything!

    Let's get one of the most popular questions out of the way: How did I meet Amber? Family gatherings. That's about the only time I'd ever see my sister and feelings started to grow.
  13. Jawbs

    Favorite MFC models

    Who are your favorite MFC models and why? :munky2: image unrelated
  14. Jawbs

    What's for dinner?!

    God damn it, I'm hungry!!