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  1. Trapez

    Account banned with 336907 tokens ($16800)

    Im not sure if you want to hear this or not but stuff like this you take them to court with a judge & jury.
  2. Trapez

    Camsoda - How are members ranked??

    I just joined Camsoda and cant quite figure out how the members are ranked, if they are. Its like everyone has the same color except for the VIP's. It seems the small tippers and high tippers cannot be identified. Is that correct???
  3. Trapez

    Can a MFC model appear to be "AWAY" or offline for just one specific user?

    Is it over? is this intermission? 🍿
  4. Trapez

    Does more visitor's really mean more revenue?? Is there a point where too much is really too much?

    Ive seen quite a few models with over 1k visitors but it seems like they are all free loaders, very few are tipping seems they just come and park their cars there. I went to the room to watch tips come in but it was very few, not the 1k times the amount I was expecting vs a room w/around 30...
  5. Trapez

    What is your preferred method of tipping...

    Most of the time I already like what the model is doing, that's why i visit and stayed. When I leave I tip, same idea when you go to a restaurant. But then the whole time im there it looks like im freeloading. So ill throw in a 'Hi I like you" tip from the menu. Then that opens the door to other...
  6. Trapez

    What is your preferred method of tipping...

    I never really did either, I just assume it was to keep the performer going, extending the show. But there was one time about three to four penny tippers came in for about five to ten minutes. At that point I then assume it was to get the crowd motivated to all tip something, but then fizzled...
  7. Trapez

    What is your preferred method of tipping...

    What is the preferred method of tipping??? is it better to receive small token amounts or one/few lump sums??? For example is it better to receive 1 token totaling 100 tokens over a five minute period or two 50tkn over a five minute period??
  8. Trapez

    Why Request Tip for Twitter, Instagram...?

    Actually thats what this thread was about but using Instagram or twitter for that purpose.
  9. Trapez

    Why Request Tip for Twitter, Instagram...?

    I have to ask - where/how do i search for "mailing list" to find more info or is this a CB thing???
  10. Trapez

    Why Request Tip for Twitter, Instagram...?

    Theres a mailing list?? You can lock a Twitter account??? I must be getting old
  11. Trapez

    Why Request Tip for Twitter, Instagram...?

    I sill see this 'virtual business card' as another method to stay in contact and a I want your business should the client decided to move on to another platform. The Twitter, Instagram, whatsapp...would come into play when the main method of contact gets disconnected.
  12. Trapez

    Why Request Tip for Twitter, Instagram...?

    Another thing I dont understand is why models would request tkns to have access to their Twitter or Instagram account? This is somewhat similar to say the plumber or electrican that comes over your house for work. You then ask if he has a business card he says sure but it will cost you $2, i...
  13. Trapez

    Why would a cam girl follow the customer???

    Im trying to figure out why on earth would a model follow the customer. I can understand the customer following the model as to know if and when that person is broadcasting. If the customer is not setup to broadcast and if the model is unable to send a message to that customer, as in SC, im not...