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  1. NaturalQueen

    I got you up to 28 profile views! It's a SIGN! :zippy

    I got you up to 28 profile views! It's a SIGN! :zippy
  2. NaturalQueen

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Not sure if I've been here already since there are a few intro threads but hi!!! :hello2: I'm NaturalQueen and I've been camming since shortly after my 19th birthday... started on cam4! Wish I had known about mfc sooner :pray: I then signed up for mfc in feb 2011 and didnt come back for...
  3. NaturalQueen

    Profile suddenly deleted

    This is a pretty popular place from what I know and moderators could be browsing as guests at any time. Since this isn't models only anyone could see it. We can only keep our fingers crossed the tweets and emails will get answered :P And posting here won't hurt will it? :thumbleft:
  4. NaturalQueen

    Profile suddenly deleted is not an official site and it will say closed or banned if you change your name and don't log in for awhile... I've spoken to the guy who runs the site via email and he clarified because one time mine said the same... just because I took 2 weeks off. So I think the real purpose of...
  5. NaturalQueen

    Profile suddenly deleted

    I'm the one who told her to come here for this! I had the same thing happen to me once so I know it is not a ban however the moderators need to do a better job of checking the mfc mail! I emailed them when I couldn't get in and they had it fixed within a few hours! Same error message about...