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  1. ExcellaExe

    Do you consider a restaurant only accepting cash to be a dining deal breaker?

    Not a deal breaker for me at all. There's lots of places here that only accept cash, so I try to keep some on me at all times if I know I'm going to be eating out. If the food is worth it, why the heck not?
  2. ExcellaExe

    Extreme Measures to be Hidden

    I should clarify that this was just me eating with my boyfriend and a friend that I know and who knows I cam but doesn't come to my room recognized me as a friend from behind. This example had nothing to do with sex work. Just that someone can recognize you just from something as innocuous as...
  3. ExcellaExe

    Extreme Measures to be Hidden

    This is annoying. So annoying. Like others have said, the internet is forever. Your sessions will get stored somewhere. Forever. Someone will probably recognize you. Whether that person tells you or not is up in the air. It's something every person that thinks of doing this job needs to come to...
  4. ExcellaExe

    Little Quirks Of You

    I have to use small spoons since my mouth is smaller than a normal person lol. I make random sounds. Just because. I don’t know why. They just happen.
  5. ExcellaExe

    Songs to listen to on cam

    I usually play K-pop or K-rap lately, but I will also listen to Tinashe, some House music, Alternative Rock, really it just depends on my mood. There was a good three months where I only listened to latino music in my room.
  6. ExcellaExe

    When was the last time you went somewhere that didn't accept credit or debit cards?

    Yesterday. :haha: it was really weird.
  7. ExcellaExe

    Being dumped.

    Excuse my rating fumblings my fingers are stupid. <3
  8. ExcellaExe

    I need a models opinion...

    That's a well-established studio, though, that is probably pulling girls that are making the good good hourly rates on SM (or MFC while traveling). And, it's in Vegas where there are a LOT of camgirls and sex workers. It's one of the main hubs of the business. I don't know if Florida is as...
  9. ExcellaExe

    Cam Models That Are Rude

    Jesus man. Calm you’tits. Replying to every reply with the same reply? We got it. Fuckin’ A.
  10. ExcellaExe

    Recognizing you

    These threads confuse me. Member asks for advice on situation that is clearly creepy, models say don’t do the thing, it’s creepy. Member gets butthurt. Storms off. You aren’t going to be her friend. You aren’t going to date her. You have serious ulterior motives and are being weird. Do not...
  11. ExcellaExe

    Recognizing you

    This is so disturbing. If I knew that someone was watching me at a cafe and knew me from my room, I would never go there again. Ever.
  12. ExcellaExe

    Cam Models That Are Rude

    Orrrr she's just not the model for you? I'm usually nice/neutral in my room until someone starts pushing me/being an ass. Then my members start taking bets on how long it'll take for me start unleashing on them. They, like with Audri's regulars, love seeing me rip into someone who's being an...
  13. ExcellaExe

    Would you be willing to date a guy who wasn't into watching or following sports?

    Literally the only sports I like are rugby and soccer, and even then I can live without them in my life. I don't care about sportsball, and now that I think about it the vast majority of the guys I've dated haven't cared about it either. Which is funny considering the state I live in. Football...
  14. ExcellaExe

    Relationships and cam models

    This has been a wonderful thread of threads and has entertained my afternoon.
  15. ExcellaExe

    I'm banned due to The COO of CHATURBATE negligence

    If Chaturbate has burned you, why not move on to a site like MFC since you were already on a social, token site? Or, if you're okay with a private based site, Streamate? I don't think you'll get much traction here? In the meantime, you could start the acceptance process on other sites that...
  16. ExcellaExe

    Can we talk about mental illness?

    I get moments where my brain just latches onto the idea of doing something utterly stupid, especially when cooking. "Just put your hand in the pot of boiling water, it'll feel amazing!" No, brain, it won't. Now, stop it. The intrusive, obsessive thoughts get really bad in the car, though...
  17. ExcellaExe

    Account banned for no reason. Chaturbate

    Quick note, this isn't @punker barbie's forum, it's Amber's.
  18. ExcellaExe

    Hey and Question

    I'm going to be slightly blunt because in this business it can need it: If you think it's a scam, move on. Also, typically other cammodels wouldn't reach out on dating sites to work with another model. We tend to do that on social media after we've known the other model long enough/the other...
  19. ExcellaExe

    Can we talk about mental illness?

    My intimacy issues were so much worse before cam, and since I started I've noticed that I've gotten so much better. Even my therapist has noticed. I think it's the act of having to constantly act out intimacy, like you said, an act of exposure therapy, almost constantly, while not having to do...
  20. ExcellaExe

    Can we talk about mental illness?

    that's probably not a good question to ask. Just... going to throw that out there. A lot of people find talking about this topic really triggering.