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  1. piercedcock78

    The Friend Zone

    It is ironic. Before I became a cam model, if you were put in the "friend zone" it was almost guaranteed that you would not get laid by the person who had put you there. Now that I am a model, I have people who find me on various platforms and they want to talk to me, get to know me etc...
  2. piercedcock78

    Today I Lost A Regular Client

    Thank you so much for your kind words. ❤️
  3. piercedcock78

    Today I Lost A Regular Client

    Very good insight and thank you. As I get back into things (I wasn't away because of this entirely) but I will keep in mind what you say. Because I am also a caring person and like to help people out. I also try to be as sincere as possible (I don't give out any real personal info of course)...
  4. piercedcock78

    Whatcha been playing?

    Contra for the NES....after all these years I still love it when you beat the game and it says that you saved the universe and to consider yourself a hero lol.:cool:
  5. piercedcock78

    Merry Christmas

    Oh I know...last week I had the heat on 90 and a space heater and I still couldn't get it above 65 degrees! Def stay warm!!
  6. piercedcock78

    Merry Christmas

    I hope that you all are staying warm :)
  7. piercedcock78

    Today I Lost A Regular Client

    Today I lost a client. While, of course it is always a bittersweet thing..and while I am a bit sad...this person disengaged for the right reasons: My client was getting to close to me when the reality is that it is a business at the end of the day. While I do not deny that I love the money...
  8. piercedcock78

    It Has Been A Fun Year!

    Just got my notification that I have been here a year today. So, I wanted to give a quick thanks to Amber Cutie and everyone here that I have interacted with. Thank you all for the support and making me feel right at home. Here's to another year. You all are the best!!
  9. piercedcock78

    Daily Thoughts

    Where I am at we haven't had a good winter in a while. What I mean by that is that it is like fall/spring. To an extent I have wondered if the hemisphere's aren't shifting a bit.
  10. piercedcock78

    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    Oh Hell yeah! I have been into that song a lot lately myself. Also props for putting the original up as well. But I would have never known about that one had it not been for No Doubt and it is one of those rare gems that makes the song their own for their own time IMO. Along the same...
  11. piercedcock78

    Private shows rating

    I'm sorry. My bad.
  12. piercedcock78

    Private shows rating

    IDK what platform that you are talking about. I am on Streamate and how it works there is that after 90 days ratings do drop off if you have less than 4 ratings in a 90 day period you will go to the default 4 stars. That is why that yeah I like the money but the first thing I always check for...
  13. piercedcock78

    Were you mischievous growing up?

    Oh Hell yeah! My specialty was pranking business on the phone. Infomercials were great for this in the middle of the night. One of my favorites was calling Kum and Go gas station and asking how much that they paid for a deposit. Without fail, at first the clerk who answered would be...
  14. piercedcock78

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    You are most welcome. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you. :)
  15. piercedcock78

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I am thankful to be a part of this community and to be given the opportunity to entertain people and help them fulfill their fantasies. I am also thankful for the love, support, and confidence that camming has given me. To everyone here:
  16. piercedcock78

    New short video drop Male Squirting: I heard about male squirting and became very intrigued...

    New short video drop Male Squirting: I heard about male squirting and became very intrigued!! Needless to say, I have learned how to do it and made a short video of myself squirting. This is not cum nor is it piss. It is a lot of funn! It can be purchased for just $4 on my Streamate page...
  17. piercedcock78

    Beware Of The Narcissist

    Thank you.
  18. piercedcock78

    Beware Of The Narcissist

    This should be obvious. However, I felt that I would share this experience to help others who may find themselves in the same position that I was in recently. I had been friends with this person for twenty years, but we never lived together. There had also been some gaps in the times we hung...