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    What is one thing holding you back from being succesful?

    ME me and me again! Lack of energy and bad discipline, which I know only I can fix, so it makes it 100 times harder! But I'm working on it! Also the fact that my computer is crap and my internet connection is shit, so I can't work on other sites but mfc, as they all ask for HD feed. I have no...
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    Being a Camgirl With "Performance Issues"

    I am non-explicit so I have never done a cumshow on cam and I'm doing ok, many many other non-nude and non-explicit models are doing great. Even if I did cumshows, I am 100% sure I would ALWAYS have to fake, because there's no way I can orgasm with people watching me, I have never been able to...
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    How do you feel about women/camgirls wearing make-up?

    I think it depends on the look you want to achieve. No make up at all will most likely not look good on camera, with all the lights etc, a little makeup gives a cute, 'natural' look, but a well done, full make-up gives so many possibilities. Unfortunately I'm not a very good make-up artist and I...
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    Models killing the chat in their room

    This keeps being said, but honestly, there are tons of models who manage to keep high camscores and rarely have people chatting in the room at all. Maybe they have high tippers who prefer to chat/tip in private. For me personally, being distracted from my chat for even a second terrifies me, as...
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    Did you do nude modeling prior to camming?

    I was an alternative model for about 2 years before starting camming, but never went nude. I thought I would never do it because I had too much fun with my outfits and getting nude would be boring. Then I started camming as a non-nude but slowly became more comfortable with tease shows up to...
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    All main cam sites have stopped uk bank transfers!!!

    That soounds pretty goodo actuaully! Do you know if mfc would let me make a new account with daily pay? should I email them to ask? Hmm I could get a new model status too haha! Also, did everyone get paid ok from last pay period?
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    All main cam sites have stopped uk bank transfers!!!

    I shall look into this, thank you! I wonder if it's because brexit lol
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    All main cam sites have stopped uk bank transfers!!!

    Hmmm what CAN I use then? What is daily pay? (Sorry for all the questions lol) thank you for posting this btw! :)
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    All main cam sites have stopped uk bank transfers!!!

    I am from the UK and this really scares me.. I didn't get paid from mfc this month but I intend to get paid next pay period, so you're saying mfc won't be doing bank transfer anymore? I'm not sure if there is another way to get paid for me, as a cheque would take too long and I have issues with...
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    Help new cam lady

    Yay another UK lady here! First of all, congratulations, it seems like you are off to a great start! Now it's important to be consistent with times you sign on, so your fans can easily find you! For more tips and tricks, get verified on here in Models only section - heaps of useful info for...
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    Working 9 till 5 and camming.

    I made a similar post a while ago and am still exhausted. Given my camming style I cant just log on tired and hope for the best. I work 9-6 and I absolutely hate my job. To be able to cam more consistently I even quit the gym - but that made me feel so much worse. Thank goodness I found out I...
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    What off-screen aspect of camming takes the most time everyday?

    Procrastination! No, seriously. I would be sooo much more successful if it wasn't for that.
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    Thank you so muuuch <3 <3 <3

    Thank you so muuuch <3 <3 <3
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    Your accent.

    It's a gun game in my room - every new person is trying to guess where my accent is from and they are always wrong and it is si funny for me and all the regs who already know! So it's definitely an asset, makes you stand out! So it's definitely notjing to worry about :)
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    Best way to share videos?

    I use mediafire to host videos. They have an option to send people one time download links, which I love!
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    Dating a camgirl and I need some advice

    LOL @ how little sense can some people make. Baffles me every time :facepalm:
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    Dating a camgirl and I need some advice

    Eerr... camgirls would probably be out of job if they weren't desired by people who frequent camsites... o.O I... literally nowhere did I say that they don't have them lololol Wow, someone has to deal with some serious internalized misogyny, plus your posts clearly show you don't actually...
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    Saying no politely

    Block his ass. He's wasting your time and is being rude. Perks of this job is that you do exactly what you want in your room. If people are being distespectful to you, you don't have to be nice to them, just ignore and concentrate on the paying members... these 3 token 'show pussy bb' guys...
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    Oil Show vs Cum Show?

    I dont do cumshows at all, so I'll say oil show! Did my first oil show last week and loved it! So did my viewers! Will have to think how to change it up to make it more creative - with colours and glitter etc. As a viewer - oil show hands down!
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    Dating a camgirl and I need some advice

    I would like to know this too. I mean surely a guy would be only more than happy to have a gf who is desired by everyone, knowimg that only he can have her. A girlfriend who has freedom to schedule her work so that you can spend more time together. A girlfriend who is confident about her body...