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  1. Zoebella1111

    Unable to tip problem

    The_enchantressxx this is my username @punker barbie
  2. Zoebella1111

    Unable to tip problem

    @punker barbie im reaching to u to Help me cause everytime i try to tipped other model thers message appearing in my screen that i can able to tip please contact support and i email the support but i dont get any response from them please punker our savior help me
  3. Zoebella1111

    Account banned

    What exactly the term of service i violated??? I havent done any i perform i gave all my customers the satisfaction they need if theres some one need to be banned its not me see my satisfaction rate i dont have lots of thumbsdown this is unfair judgement please CB i want my account back My...
  4. Zoebella1111

    Account verification

    Hello good day everyone and special @punker barbie i created an account recently please help me to get age verified and be able to broadcast in the site ❤️❤️ User name cyber_dollxx ticket request (20062418)
  5. Zoebella1111

    Account suspended

    Hi good day 🥰🥰 @punker barbie i would love to reach ur warm heart and help me my broadcast is currently suspended and i dont know what happen i don’t commit any violations ive been waiting for support’s response it’s almost a week now and yet no response I would really love to know what to do...
  6. Zoebella1111

    Under age zero tolerance issue

    Thnk you @punker barbie u made my heart burst in happiness today i hope u help alot more like a person myself whos a bread winner and only life is broadcasting i would love to call out and reach out to God above who use u as an instrument today as my guardian angel more power to u more more more...
  7. Zoebella1111

    Under age zero tolerance issue

    I tried to create new account but it says zero tolerance of under age i hope someone can help me here cause i am the bread winner of my family i forgot my previous account but my user name i created now is the_enchantressxx but cb dont allowed me to create i tried everything i emailed them for...