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  1. Honey Moon

    Raceplay Requests

    You cannot escape objectification as a sexworker, sadly.. It doesn't matter whether it's raceplay or not. Be firm with boundaries if you are set on not doing it. Some guys get a power trip from getting people to do things they do not regularly do with bribes. I only do mild raceplay for custom...
  2. Honey Moon

    Whatcha been playing?

    Myself. Haha, jk. I got re-addicted to this stupid app game called "Everwing" because I've accumulated decent characters and feel like drive to level up my companions. I really want to play League again (mostly for ARAM and the fun chaos of it) and also eventually get a Nintendo switch and get...
  3. Honey Moon

    Post anything that comes to mind when you think of CANADA

    Moose, syrup, hockey, snow, syrup snow dessert, cozy jackets and beanies, slipping on ice, snow-covered cars, the bigger cities, white and asian people. >_< Did I do okay?
  4. Honey Moon

    Doing a studio right

    What sites will you use and how will you ensure you can provide accurate and adequate support for all the sites? How will you gain knowledge of the platform from the viewpoint of a model prior to hiring these girls?
  5. Honey Moon

    ManyVids Question - about Video Quality etc

    Looks fine to me! I use the same webcam (and so does my friend) and we both agree the quality looks better while streaming vs when recording. I don't think it's that big of a deal, but an upgrade is always a good thing!
  6. Honey Moon

    Which do you like better: Pizza Hut or Domino’s?

    PIZZA HUT, ever since they started doing the yummy crusts!
  7. Honey Moon

    Just got an Instant Pot...

    Damn, I keep reading about Instant Pot (and I keep thinking INSTANT WEED???), and now I definitely want to get one. These pics are making me drool.
  8. Honey Moon

    Find Out How You Can Earn An Hourly Rate As A Cammodel

    I've always heard of them but never really paid too much attention. I just explored their site more and honestly, they sound so much more honest and caring than many camming companies.
  9. Honey Moon

    Literally made NO money camming, as in, 0 tokens

    Being pretty isn't what makes a successful camgirl... If you've done the research to prepare to become a camgirl, you'd have found that out probably in the first article you'd read. Success on cam =/= level of your morals. The girls making $1k an hour aren't "more moral" than girls making $10 an...
  10. Honey Moon

    One year since Trump's election

    I simply used Politifact as an example. I research candidates through multiple, checked sources (I hate strongly biased sites/sites ran by randoms favoring opinions.) I believe honesty includes statements made to further an agenda, and how candidates/officials use them to steer their followers...
  11. Honey Moon

    One year since Trump's election

    I disagree with this, unless you aren't counting things that are actually fact-checked and whatnot.. (e.g. Trump vs Hillary)
  12. Honey Moon

    One year since Trump's election

    I'm more upset over not enough people voting than those who voted. The Millennial turnout rate was shitty compared to the Silent generation, and they're old as fuck and still went to vote. I feel really guilty for not voting but I was going through a bad health thing that day and didn't have...
  13. Honey Moon

    First time Sex, with or without condom?--Is it something you wanted,, to have or not?

    Thinking about not having used condoms with the men I was involved w/ in the past makes me gag UDFHSIDUFHKFGJKJ I don't like the idea of skin-skin contact with someone I'm not in love with
  14. Honey Moon

    Need help from a femme dom??

    Just imagine men screwed u over so bad and now they owe you everything they own, then imagine your worst abusive ex and how gross he is but how he owes u for emotional damage and hes fuking gross cus ur current BF is way hotter and nicer, then direct that energy at whoever is wanting for you to...
  15. Honey Moon

    One year since Trump's election

    I'm not agreeing on shit cus I'm sick of people dying, going hungry, n stupidly fighting while our incompetent government is too busy trying to #getmunny >: (
  16. Honey Moon

    Should parents use spanking as a form of punishment?

    Only by perfect ass parents who are calm and firm. If mixed with other violent angry behaviors, I think it'd do more damage than good.
  17. Honey Moon

    Single people: How do you cope with being lonley?

    just lower ur standards
  18. Honey Moon

    Nipple Piercing ? What your thoughts

    I liked mine but got all perfectionist and took them out bc I didn't like that they were horizontal. I'm redoing them eventually but at an angle like \ /
  19. Honey Moon

    One year since Trump's election

    Had to watch a docu on Trump & Clinton's background (childhood, education, ect.) during my polisci. class. I felt bad for not voting for her (was having health issues during voting day, mail voted for Bernie in primary- but Calif. ballot fraud happened soo..) It was a bit biased, I can admit, bc...
  20. Honey Moon

    Gun Raffle Insensitive?

    This doesn't mean you should automatically assume that the whole field is ineffective and unnecessary. Many people rely on mental health professionals to help them live decent lives. Yes, there needs to be reform, especially in regards to how often drugs are prescribed instead of proper...