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  1. Magnolia

    Feline appreciation thread

  2. Magnolia

    Sleep paralysis

    It can be so scary, sorry you're having such a bad time. :/ What works best for me is holding my breath, eventually that will snap my body out of it. It doesn't always work but it works more often than any other tricks I've tried. Another thing to look into is practicing lucid dreaming...
  3. Magnolia

    Former Porn Star Jesse Jane on Cam girls "They're not Porn Stars"

    I mean, there are some camgirls who are also legitimate pornstars but I get her point. Welcome to the future. Things have changed and you either change with them or you get left behind.
  4. Magnolia

    *How long before you were supporting yourself? Survey of ALL models!

    I'll bite! 1. About 6 months, but it was more a side-job/hobby during those months. Once I started putting in the full-time hours I could support myself. 2. 2014 3. MFC, Twitch, Patreon, iWC, c4s, MV, and I've tried about 5ish other sites as well but dropped them because...
  5. Magnolia

    MFC's new Non Nude site - Cammunity (now CamYou)

  6. Magnolia

    MFC's new Non Nude site - Cammunity (now CamYou)

    Unfortunately I get the feeling most people think it WAS launched and then forgot about. Would be nice if they put a banner or something like "This website is still in Alpha/Beta/under construction." I think them making it available just because it was "leaked" was a poor decision without being...
  7. Magnolia

    MFC's new Non Nude site - Cammunity (now CamYou)

    That's the least of their worries if they don't start promoting the fucking site. They have something a lot of gals on MFC like, release it, then just let it die? WTF was that about? The hype train has left the station.
  8. Magnolia

    Followed you so you should be able to now. (fyi I like never really check my DMs here, twitter...

    Followed you so you should be able to now. (fyi I like never really check my DMs here, twitter is better usually) @Aurora Laze
  9. Magnolia

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    I wonder if the smell would last all the way to England from the US? Anyone in England willing to fund my science project? :nerd:
  10. Magnolia

    Multiple Cam Camming

    Xsplit is great for this! But OBS is also wonderful because you can set it up to automatically change cameras (I've used this during a JtM concert with 3-4 different cameras and it was the coolest effect). Sadly OBS isn't compatible with MFC or I would do it more. But Xsplit does great multiple...
  11. Magnolia

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    Just to add my two cents... Don't forget that some models work long hours. Sometimes we need a break! Just because you enter a room that the model is currently being quiet in doesn't mean she's quiet all the time. I know when I used to stream 40-50hrs a week there would be looooooong periods...
  12. Magnolia

    What was the video game that turned you into a gamer?

    I mean, I played games for hours and hours as a kid when I had access to consoles, but I think every kid did that in my generation. I remember Crash Bandicoot and JSRF fondly! But as an adult? Fallout 3, hands down, nothing before or since can compare. I was absolutely sucked into the world...
  13. Magnolia

    Being dumped.

    Oh goodie, I didn't miss all the fun.
  14. Magnolia

    xsplit alternative for mac?

    Unfortunately it's not (yet) compatible with MFC's broadcaster. :/ If you have two webcams you could make it work for recording though. A lot of girls use ManyCam, which I believe works on MFC and also records.
  15. Magnolia

    how do girls record their streams?

    Ah sorry, I just responded and didn't read down, you explained it better than I did. :hide
  16. Magnolia

    how do girls record their streams?

    Are you using XSplit as your cam on MFC at the same time? To record you have to have XSplit open, use your cam on that, then go to the MFC broadcaster and select XSplit as your cam. If you're selecting your cam on MFC then you won't be able to use it on XSplit at the same time.
  17. Magnolia

    What's your favorite website to just go and idle away time?

    Discord channel with friends and twitter. I'm on there from the second I wake up until I fall asleep most days. I can distract myself with Reddit and Youtube for while, but nothing beats social interaction with friends even if it's through the internets. They're also things I can do while doing...
  18. Magnolia

    Rant: Cam Models and Mods that Ban for almost everything

    Not gonna lie, it does feel pretty good. Would definitely suggest trying it out.