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  1. veggiebabyy

    If you were having a particularly tough time, how would you prefer to be tipped/helped?

    I started out doing almost entirely camming for my first year and saw steady growth. I posted a handful of videos throughout that time, especially toward the end of the first year and barely made anything from them. About a year in, it started to flip. I lost a lot of my regulars on cam, and I...
  2. veggiebabyy

    If you were having a particularly tough time, how would you prefer to be tipped/helped?

    I rarely cam and make most of my money through customs and clip sales (and a decent chunk on OF), so I would strongly prefer offline tips or just some video sales. If I'm really struggling and someone were to tip big while I'm on cam, it can make me feel stressed about making sure they feel...
  3. veggiebabyy

    Favorite Lube I'm loyal to this lube for anything vaginal (or anal, though that hole is less picky about lubes). No glycerin, and it's nice and thick, which I like. I also have pretty sensitive...
  4. veggiebabyy

    Normal fluctuations or the beginning of the end?

    My rule is that if I see a dip that lasts longer than 1 month, it's time to start reconsidering my strategies. Don't panic over every little fluctuation. That said, if you only have two weeks of data, it's hard to know what's normal for you. When I first started camming (I'm on MFC not CB), I...
  5. veggiebabyy

    Some basic questions...

    This is what I do too. I'll usually put a timer on the screen and say "if we don't finish the countdown by the time the timer ends, I'm going to log off." Usually at that point it's just my regulars hanging out and they've already cleared a couple goals but are mostly there for the chatting and...
  6. veggiebabyy

    What organizational tools do you use for balancing streaming/onlyfans/ general schedule?

    You have to get verified as an active cam model:
  7. veggiebabyy

    Lovense Domi Poorly made.

    I've had my original Domi for over 2 years and I use it a truly horrifying amount. Like... way too much. All the time. Seriously, I use it a lot. At this point the battery life isn't what it used to be, but aside from that, I haven't really had any issues. I also have the Domi 2 and while it...
  8. veggiebabyy

    What organizational tools do you use for balancing streaming/onlyfans/ general schedule?

    I think my big organizational post is in MO, but basically I schedule things by day of the week and use Trello and Things 3 (a to do list app) to manage my schedule. I currently work Thursdays through Sundays. Thursdays are for scheduling promo stuff and OF posts, Fridays and Saturdays are for...
  9. veggiebabyy

    Models: How long does it take you to get ready for work? Make-up, hair, prep?

    the actual getting ready part (eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara, changing out of my sweats and into something cute, clearing a spot to sit on my cam room floor) takes maybe 20 minutes. The fucking around with other stuff, getting distracted checking my email, scrolling twitter on the toilet, and...
  10. veggiebabyy

    Sex Worker Friendly Banks

    I do! Just joined them a few months back. They're fine 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don't really have anything bad or good to say about them.
  11. veggiebabyy

    Say Goodbye or Ghost?

    I definitely prefer that my regs say goodbye if they're leaving. I do start to wonder where they went and if they're okay if I'm used to them showing up for most of my shows and then they disappear.
  12. veggiebabyy

    How do y'all feel about anonymous tippers?

    I second this. I don't mind anon tips, but occasionally I'll get one from someone who didn't read my tip menu and thinks they can get me to do whatever they want for 25 tk, and then it puts me in a weird position because I'm not going to do what they asked for but I'm not sure who to talk to...
  13. veggiebabyy

    What kind of content do you enjoy making the most?

    Toy try out vids! I love getting new toys, and I almost always film myself testing it out for the first time. Getting a new toy is fun, and the video is easy to make because I don't feel pressured for it to turn out a certain way. I'm just testing out a toy and whatever happens happens.
  14. veggiebabyy

    thank you ❤️

    thank you ❤️
  15. veggiebabyy

    aww thank you! ☺️

    aww thank you! ☺️
  16. veggiebabyy

    thank you!

    thank you!
  17. veggiebabyy

    thank you!

    thank you!
  18. veggiebabyy

    MFC - No replies

    Did we not already answer this for you? MFC doesn't work with studios. Stop trying to get involved with models' business. They can do it themselves without your help. The model needs to apply herself. Without you. You're the problem here.
  19. veggiebabyy

    Do you guys use Snapchat?

    I mostly use mine for my cam room. I sell lifetime access for 444 tk, and I make it clear when they buy that I'm not super active. Occasionally I'll post food or something sexy on my story, and I always send everyone a snap right before I log on cam to try to entice them to come hang out, but...
  20. veggiebabyy

    The 5 Most Common Fetishes And How To Profit From Them As A Content Creator

    yep! I track everything in a spreadsheet. Sara Storm (@purplehailstorm) on twitter has a good video sales tracker spreadsheet that you can buy. It tells you your average earnings per video in each category. For my first ~200 vids, I just made random stuff to see what people liked. After that, I...