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  1. Ryuki22


    Ultimately its a game of averages.. I like to keep all the small victories in mind. Like previous posts mentioned, do some things for you, self care. Tomorrow is a new day and it will be better for you <3
  2. Ryuki22

    seasoned CB model, new to forums, Streaming help..

    You're broadcasting through browser? That's your first problem. Try OBS studios: you can use you're GPU to encode your video which will take stress off your CPU. Also you might have to contact CBs support to enable 3rd party encoding depending on what country you're from. I'm from Canada and I...
  3. Ryuki22

    Sex songs

    Recent guilty pleasure
  4. Ryuki22

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    You're getting 3 every 10 seconds. 3x6=18 ;)
  5. Ryuki22

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Theres a thread for it but it takes a bit until you can post there.. just stay active and it'll unlock after sometime and you can go about the process. Welcome!
  6. Ryuki22

    Making friends with other models

    Hah, ya same I never used it for personal but started one up a few months after I started caming; its actually a really good tool for the business. One place to link all the sites you're on and the members from them.
  7. Ryuki22

    Making friends with other models

    Ditto! ;D
  8. Ryuki22

    Making friends with other models

    My first few were from either meeting them in my room or in theirs; Im pretty close with a few now, not sure if it's because Im on CB or not but it is lovely to support from 'coworkers'. But ya you'll run into a lot more here and on twitter as well. <3
  9. Ryuki22

    Help for a noobie couple!

    If you're not using external software to stream I would recommend starting there. I use OBS Studio (free to download) just switching to that increased my quality two fold. It's also really convenient cause it can be used to stream to any other platforms (other cam site and even twitch). Secondy...
  10. Ryuki22

    Logitech webcams

    One day well be able to afford to burn out 2k cameras on the reg ;)
  11. Ryuki22

    Suddenly 1-8fps on Chaturbate?!

    I was having his issue last few days I was on.. I usually have my PC hardwired from router to pc with Ethernet cable.. turns out my wireless card was turned back on (i always have wireless network card disabled.. usually causes interference) although sometimes when it happens it just seems it on...
  12. Ryuki22

    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    Just make it to 3mins you'll thank me.
  13. Ryuki22


    Cant afford* sorry I've had some dranks.
  14. Ryuki22


    which is why i said if you can afford volatility go for it, you can not; i respect that.
  15. Ryuki22


    fuck it, yolo. if you can afford some volatility giver.
  16. Ryuki22


    Hey just dipping my toes into cyrpos.. wondering if anyone else here is interested in these?
  17. Ryuki22

    Certain video capping sites - Method to stop him in his tracks

    from another similar thread but my two cents..
  18. Ryuki22

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!