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  1. James_and_Aiden

    Slow traffic

    We have 2 webcams, 2 desktops with a setup for on each PC for Token based sites and the other for Private based sites. This is to prevent breaking the nudity rules. Again, you are managing multiple screens and can be daunting to begin with.
  2. James_and_Aiden

    Slow traffic

    We stream on 8 sites simultaneously since post Covid 19 as our income dropped from the sheer amount of models joining. Streamate & Chaturbate are by far the top performing platforms for us as male models. The rest of them combined make up to be another Streamate combined or half of one each...
  3. James_and_Aiden

    Slow traffic

    Luckily for us, this month and last has been pretty good so far. Can’t say the sane for November, December & January - which were the worst months we’ve ever had.
  4. James_and_Aiden

    Account suspended

    If they’ve already stated it’s final - they will no longer respond.
  5. James_and_Aiden

    Account suspended

    I don’t believe StripChat would ban you for something like that without evidence? But, if you believe your suspension is incorrect, you can contact them using the link below:
  6. James_and_Aiden

    When do you finally know it’s time to leave camming?

    We’re in tough economic times. We’ve been forced from exclusively streaming on SM to 8-10 platforms in order to make nearly as much as we used to and now solo streaming from a Duo as it’s not worth it financially. We’ve also diversified into 3 OnlyFans accounts, which brings in fluctuating...
  7. James_and_Aiden


    It’s possible to remain full time, but you need savings to eat into when there’s dips. And the dips are deeper and harder than precovid. Hopefully it picks up in Oct, but with inflation still ongoing, seems unlikely.
  8. James_and_Aiden

    websites for male web cam

    Top Performing platforms for males are Streamate & Chaturbate. The other platforms are pennies in comparison, for us at least. We’ve been streaming on 10 platforms simultaneously for 2+ years.
  9. James_and_Aiden

    How are you supposed to make money as a male model on Chaturbate?

    It’s highly competitive in the male scene. There’s fewer customers (around 95% less) than what the girls will get. The biggest issue we face is the male models price themselves very low at 15 tokens per min, $1.00 per min on private based sites and are constantly nude and doing full shows for...
  10. James_and_Aiden

    Ban my STUDIO account. Ticket number 20086731

    Chaturbate support has already replied and stated your ban is final. If you followed the site’s rules, you wouldn’t of had this issue. Good luck.
  11. James_and_Aiden

    Studio late paying models

    Sounds like a l I understand that. I hope she gets her issues resolved. But she needs to be careful as she may be breaching site rules by contacting members personally. But I don’t buy the don’t have access to a cell phone.. sounds like the studio manager is contacting you via email - but I...
  12. James_and_Aiden

    Studio late paying models

    Some studios do indeed treat their models badly when it’s a slow month or don’t perform well. I believe these Colombian studios need to be regulated heavily by the platforms as they tend to just have a constant wheel of talent in the sole purpose of only making the studio money. They also may...
  13. James_and_Aiden

    Working As A Cam Model And Loans From The Bank

    You’ll require 2-3 years tax returns. Your income will need to be pretty consistent for most lenders. Due to the past few years, I don’t think any model has had any consistency compared to pre-pandemic. Personally, I’d avoid credit and any credit cards, unless your income is above $50,000 per...
  14. James_and_Aiden

    Which is more important on lovense lush or a high quality webcam

    High quality webcam will definitely help you more as people expect good quality nowadays. Lush might help for small tips, but the webcam is a very good long term investment that will pay for itself and more.
  15. James_and_Aiden

    Abnormally low traffic

    Basically you’d have a camera for Streamate, which wouldn’t show below waist. And then you’d have Chaturbate and StripChat on another camera and if someone tips for below waist nudity, you could do it without worrying about breaking the rules on Streamate.
  16. James_and_Aiden

    Im struggeling

    Danny, here in the UK, you would be scraping by working on the apps. With the rising costs in all countries, Uber, Door Dash, AmazonFlex, ect there’s hardly any margin left after the cost of rising fuel, insurance and wear and tear on your vehicle. PLUS there’s an extreme amount of...
  17. James_and_Aiden

    Im struggeling

    I believe you can make it as a non nude model. We make most of our income from those who only want to chat, for ya to dance ect. But you must be firm and set the boundaries. If they don’t like it - kick them. You are the model. You are in control :)
  18. James_and_Aiden

    Is anyone else who uses Paxum facing severe delays?

    Are you meaning payments coming into your Paxum or withdrawals? We get same day withdrawals and usually hits our accounts within minutes.
  19. James_and_Aiden

    Nude in public chat?

    I gave up reporting 200 Colombian model accounts per day to Streamate. They need to do a better job of protecting the income of their hard working models on their website by permanently banning those blatantly ignoring the rules.
  20. James_and_Aiden

    Abnormally low traffic

    Work smarter, not harder 😇