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  1. Charlie_SC


    @lolabunny9 I'll do a little search on this user too 😉 Just to ensure all is in order.
  2. Charlie_SC - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    Thank you for the feedback! :inlove: Hope everyone enjoys the new updates.
  3. Charlie_SC

    I would like to know...

    Hey 🙂 Please refer to my PM so I can obtain all your SC details and review your case.
  4. Charlie_SC

    Stripchat message format problem

    Hey @Theclubist111 I can see you have already contacted the Support team with this, which is great! That's exactly what you should do when encountering weird things like this. I've looked into your case and see that the technical team is already testing and investigating this issue...
  5. Charlie_SC

    Stripchat: Latest News, New Features & Important Updates

    Hey everyone :blush: I've had a few PMs from users asking me why sometimes, our site looks different and all the models are blurred out. There are 2 possible reasons for this: If you live in specific USA states If you're a VPN user In many countries, new laws/regulations have been...
  6. Charlie_SC

    My studio asked someone else to work with my account after i left now stripchat said i cant open another account as i broadcasted with an unregistered

    Hey @nastynastyx Please refer to my PM as I'd like to obtain more details and review your case.
  7. Charlie_SC

    Sending lovense control link to users

    Hey @Bikerbarbiehu I will PM you now for further guidance and testing 😉
  8. Charlie_SC

    Sending lovense control link to users

    How models can give users full control of the Lovense toy! Make an agreement with a user for the cost and duration of time Or add it as an item on your menu (i.e. control my Lovense toy for 5 mins) Using your browser extension, select Give Someone Control to receive a link This is the link...
  9. Charlie_SC

    Inaccurate Country Flags

    Hey everyone I don't believe @Ozzie_ added this post to target anyone. We have had issues with Flags in the past, so I think the post was to see if there were others who observed similar issues again recently. Please note, I always welcome these kinds of observations because sometimes, you...
  10. Charlie_SC

    Account Suspended Out of Nowhere Upon Returning from a Break

    Hey @SexxxyTaylor Your frustration was understandable. Having your account suspended for any reason is not something that any model wants, so I do feel you. I will also PM you now to provide further clarification on any of our rules that you feel are not clear. Regarding your account, I...
  11. Charlie_SC

    Account Suspended Out of Nowhere Upon Returning from a Break

    Hey @SexxxyTaylor Your account security is a huge priority for us, which is why we have a feature available for all users and models to keep your accounts protected. I hope everyone on our platform has this enabled! Two-factor authentication (2FA for short) Models 2FA...
  12. Charlie_SC

    Account suspended on first day of stream

    Hey @Bigballxoxo I can see this account is linked to a studio. I will PM you now and provide further assistance.
  13. Charlie_SC

    What information can models see about users?

    I do not believe this is possible, nor am I aware of any programs which have the ability to do this. If the user himself has decided to hide the tokens balance or stay invisible, then it'll be 'closed data' and not something which can be easily extracted from our secure platform. But, this is...
  14. Charlie_SC

    Payment related queries for Indian models

    Hey @Krauser Please note that we do not display the nature of the industry on any payment documents. I will PM you now with more info.
  15. Charlie_SC - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    @yummybrownfox the way you reference things is priceless! :rofl:
  16. Charlie_SC

    Account verification and Payment issues.

    Hey @pohMega Please refer to our Billing Support page where you will find all the details you need for direct contact with all payment providers. They can look into your payment query and assist with all concerns you may have regarding this purchase. Billing Support...
  17. Charlie_SC - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    Very interesting point @CallMeMaria I believe this topic has been raised numerous times by other models as well. Stay tuned with this one 😉
  18. Charlie_SC

    Payment not received since 6th March 2023

    Hey @selena5 Please refer to my PM for an update.
  19. Charlie_SC

    ID Documents Rejected

    We kindly ask that you do not open multiple threads regarding the same query. I have responded to your other thread.