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  1. alexasblue

    Cross Promotion Cheat Sheet

    Thank you for that. Im on OF and Chat so that is helpful!
  2. alexasblue

    What can be promoted on Chat???

    I am a new cammer and do not want to get in trouble, lose money, or get banned. Can someone tell me, from experience, what can be promoted while camming on Chaturbate?
  3. alexasblue

    Cross Promotion Cheat Sheet

    Does anyone have a cheat sheat on what can and cannot be cross promoted on certain sites? I am currently on Chaturbate and OnlyFans. Am I able to tell my visitors in Chat to go see my OnlyFans? And vice versa?
  4. alexasblue

    Husband or no husband?

    This has been very helpful!!!! Also learned more about anthill fetishes than I ever expected to so thats was a bonus!
  5. alexasblue

    Husband or no husband?

    Does anyone a suggestion on how to approach a situation where a member has seemed yo become attached to me but then found out that I am married. How do I keep him around (he hasnt unfollowed and still pops in from time to time) but at the same time not hurt his feelings by my real life? I kinda...
  6. alexasblue

    OBS - Stream to Stripchat, Bonga, CB how to?

    This thread has been super helpful. I am a new model and been struggling to us more than one site at a time to maximize profit. This was so easy to follow!
  7. alexasblue

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey everyone! Here for fun, to learn, ask qs, meet other cammers, and find ways to improve my brand!