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  1. QuinnLane

    Hiring a snapchat model

    Attractiveness is subjective. Also, offering Paypal? Not good.
  2. QuinnLane

    Pvt Shows when using OBS

    Yes, Chaturbate and Streamate privates work with OBS
  3. QuinnLane

    Pornhub Model Payment program

    Yes, I live in NZ and to use Paxum or any of the others I need a passport... which I was planning on getting with this month's Pornhub payout. I also can't access my $ in cosmo for this reason.
  4. QuinnLane

    Pornhub Model Payment program

    This morning I woke up to an email from them stating they no longer payout via Paypal, on the same day I was expecting Payout so that's fun. Also can't get paid via any of their other methods.
  5. QuinnLane

    Most and Least Ethical Camsites

    A trans girl in that thread also has issues with it frequently. I can't remember other cases that I've seen but its definitely an issue.
  6. QuinnLane

    Most and Least Ethical Camsites

    I don't know who in their staff decides it but I do also know that if enough members report them as the wrong gender it will also be changed automatically. I have witnessed it happen to a couple of models and have no reason to lie about it.
  7. QuinnLane

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    I really hope that's bad translation or mispelling. Have you tried contacting Streamate support? They're usually pretty good in getting back to people. Also, when did you actually hit the $100 payout minimum? Because the 3 weeks starts from that moment I believe. But yeah, contact Streamate...
  8. QuinnLane

    has anyone gotten a cheque in the mail?

    Its completely discreet from what I remember.
  9. QuinnLane

    chaturbate or myfreecams?

    You won't be able to go back to Chaturbate so it's probably MFC or SM for you. Shirley confirmed you were permanently banned and won't be unbanned.
  10. QuinnLane

    banned error

    Any new account you create will also be banned as they ban on IP address/Payment methods added, so it's safe to assume you should look for another camsite.
  11. QuinnLane

    Creating animated CB friendly GIF's help?

    I usually make mine in GIMP and Photoscape and/or Gifcam depending on what I want to animate. You just need to make sure it fits the gif limit rules set by Chaturbate and you're good to go.
  12. QuinnLane

    Toys suggestion

    You can always just wear the Lush in your panties - I do sometimes and it gets me off better than wearing it internally. Lovense also sell a bullet vibe - I think the Ambi? to be worn in panties and not inserted.
  13. QuinnLane

    Cashapp alternative for Australian models

    I actually have my pronouns in my signature below and I'm not a girl ^^
  14. QuinnLane

    banned error

    Its the weekend, and they tend to take a few days to respond anyway. Wait a few more days.
  15. QuinnLane

    Dildo machines that work with tips?

    Hey, I follow you on Twitter! 💖 if you do a quick search on this forum for “tip controlled fuck machine” you'll find a thread with some info/options!
  16. QuinnLane

    Most and Least Ethical Camsites

    While they're inclusive they do often mistreat trans performers e.g changing their profile gender if they dont “pass” as what they identify as, without contacting the model about it and other things I've heard.
  17. QuinnLane

    Transitioning from chaturbate to MFC?

    You can advertise your social media and wishlist but they do not allow advertising of any other clip sites or cam sites, especially now that Share covers all of that.
  18. QuinnLane

    What outside links are we able to advertise in our bios?

    Yeah since MV bought in livestreaming it's been a banned link. Also any external payment links (venmo, cash app, etc) are removed. If you're advertising that they can pay you in any other way for a show (wishlist gifts etc) you'll get in trouble for that too. AFAIK C4S and such are still fine to...
  19. QuinnLane

    Cam feeds and watermarks...What do you use, and is it okay to use a site logo as your watermark?

    It absolutely doesnt stop show recordings; the bots that record aren't actually in your room watching. However having your name and/or link on your feed could potentially push traffic back to your room if a show recording is viewed and they want to see more. Chaturbate adds their logo to your...
  20. QuinnLane

    Streamate question/answer and general information

    That's so wild, it shows up just fine for me at the top of the pricing dropdown? I can't disable premiums though.