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  1. ultraviolet

    How long did it take to grow your Chaturbate?

    Thank you so much for responding <3 made my day.
  2. ultraviolet

    Where should i put more work in?

    So, for me personally. I did things assbackwards lol. I started with onlyfans. Promoting on reddit. - That did fairly well. Can say about 1k a month after 3 months of promoting daily on different subreddits. Then i had the great idea of streaming. because i started getting bored of onlyfans...
  3. ultraviolet

    How long did it take to grow your Chaturbate?

    Hey guys :) New here, but not so new to streaming. So i have been on and off chaturbate for about 6 months. The past month or so I have become extremly regular with my schedule. I get on just about every night. - With that said. On average i make $1300 a week with about 40-50 hours in...
  4. ultraviolet

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hey there, You can call me Violet. I have been streaming for the past six months off and on. Almost Every night you can find me on Chaturbate :) Excited to read through these threads and forums. And possibly make friends along the way. xxx much love , UltraVioletVice :kiss:
  5. ultraviolet

    Actual Chater success tips.

    Love these tips <3 Im newish to the cam world. But i can personally say i get way more traffic if im smiling and its genuine. Much love <3