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    suspension lifted profile error

    They have. You do not show as banned here for me
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    Model harassment by an user with several accounts

    Tell her to say she thinks it is the same guy she keeps banning but he always comes back with new to keep threatening her. Of course she should this when she reports his PM threats. CB will find out if it is the same user and they will give him a 30 day suspension at least. To return to CB he...
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    Banned account

    If you have been banned from CB before they will always ban any new accounts made. Making new accounts to get around a ban is breaking the TOS
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    Account Banned

    @punker barbie is the one that works for CB and needs to be tagged. Amber does not work for them Contact first if you have not done so yet
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    How do I ban models from harrassing my tippers?

    Unfortunately it does not, they can still send those out The only way to stop them from doing that is to either ban or just block all female users from the room.
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    Cb banned my acc

    Did you have an account that was banned previously? Because judging by the ticket number they replied a few months ago to the email associated with that account. The new ticket numbers are starting with 224***** now and yours is starting with 170 which would be an old ticket that has not been...
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    I was banned for being absent for a moment

    Are you sure you have the right account? I see the sashamurcia as not banned and LAST broadcast was 9 months ago.
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    i cant stream because im already streaming

    Is it not possible for you to restart OBS and then stop streaming from there?
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    Chaturbate support not checking right support mails

    They will only respond to your registered email, not any new emails that are not registered on your account. If that original ticket number #19128668 is about a ban then that is the only one they will reply to until the matter is dealt with
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    Account Banned

    I see you as unbanned now.
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    Chaturbate no longer showing "userABC was kicked" or "userXYZ was banned" messages in public chat?

    The user that gets silenced/kicked sees that message . The model and any mods in the room also see that message. The rest of the room users have no need to see that message. Has been like that for the last couple of months
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    Question for experienced models regarding payment methods

    that's it right there. It also opens up a chance for them to get personal information on the models which they then turn into blackmail attempts No use adding that in your bio since the scammers will still ask anyways and CB does nothing against them. All you can really do is tell them "no...
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    spy/hidden show

    Once you start the bot you will need to set up the bot for how much it is per minute or for full show After that is done then most of the bots use the /start command to start and /stop command to stop the show. That all depends on which bot you use
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    C2C on iPad not working, age verified for C2C?
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    CB support does not answer my emails

    CB will not accept referrals that use the same IP address as you. For the referral to be accepted you need to have them broadcast from a different IP address that is not linked to you in any way. That is how they prevent studios from getting "referral" bonuses on their own models
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    model on Chaturbate that is continually having these connection problems

    She is not the only one to have those issues so nothing she can really do to fix it. She can try changing the server on OBS but that might not work since this is a CB problem. The problems do eventually go away on their own
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    Weird error in some rooms at times

    When you see that "theatre mode" screen all you need to do is click on the audio button on the video player. That refreshes just the video player and does not refresh the room. That always fixes things with the video
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    Studio Account Banned

    Lately I have been seeing a lot of "hacked" model accounts that spam other rooms with advertising for other sites. Most of those have been inactive for a long time but there has been a few that are still actively streaming. That might have something to do with it. It is one possibility to look into
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    Can a Model see your multiple accounts on CB?

    that just tells you the number of accounts, no usernames. As soon as you bought tokens (assuming that you used the same credit card/email ) then that tied your accounts together and the room ban happened.
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    Jumio auto ban confusion

    Have any of those accounts been banned by CB? If they have then that is the reason for the auto ban when trying to get another account