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  1. Makko

    Is This A Scam?

    I'm surprised she talked so openly about it. They both could have been banned from the site!
  2. Makko

    Lovence Lush.

    It really isn't 99%. Some members hate it with a passion so there will always be people to draw in without one.
  3. Makko

    User Review of Bongacam

    OP, this is not a review, just a list of complaints. I am not familiar with this site, and you may be right, I dunno, but you should call it what it is you wrote. Am I nitpicking? Probably, but people looking for an honest and unbiased, neutral review, they won't find it in this topic.
  4. Makko

    Question to models: Ending private ettiquite

    Wow that's what I usually say after a private lol. I also always give a big perentage of what I have left. Like if I have 500 tokens left I give 300. If 1200 tokens left I give 700 etc.
  5. Makko


    Not sure if you want replies from just models, but as a member, I love snapchat. It makes me feel more connected with my favorite model. Even a simple snap of what she's having for dinner is cool. It also gives a subject to talk about later. And it's very useful to know when she gets online as...
  6. Makko

    Friend Add on MFC

    If you friend someone, it won't make you visible to them. Members have to bookmark you themselves. I would make the friend add a decent size tip required, or only add friends that tip well. Making a friend add for let's say 10 tokens, will get you bombarded with pm's.
  7. Makko

    Ask-a-Fan (Questions models have for viewers)

    I would ignore to the best of my abilities. Maaaaaaybe I would say I saw her when next online.
  8. Makko

    I am helpless and please not be asshole to me

    It's about having fun. Go into a room. Tip something, have some conversations. Did you have a good time or were you bored out of your mind? Did it click with the model, do you find the model attractive, fun and engaging? How do you feel after leaving the room? Come back if you had a good...
  9. Makko

    The Addictive Qualities of Tipping Camgirls

    I was very addicted to camsites. I spent everything I could afford. I started working in the weekends and even considered taking out a loan. But then I said to myself; This is going too far. So I stopped visiting random models and stick to just one I really like. I even went further and made all...
  10. Makko

    Is it headed to a worse direction? There is traffic but no buyers.

    This definitely. They may come for the nakedness, but in the end, what makes them stay is the interaction. I left many a room cause the model wasn't talking. I don't care communicating with a model outside of the camsite, but a free picture or video sent by snap is always highly appreciated. The...
  11. Makko

    Sharing, yep another love story

    I don't really understand the reason of OP topic. Do you want our opinion or is this just bragging that you have 7 girlfriends, you're rich and good-looking? There's nothing wrong becoming friends with a cammodel, but how you're writing it, it's like you're very proud you managed to get several...
  12. Makko

    No one tipping?

    For the model I visit it's the same. Less regulars. She thinks she's doing things wrong. To turn this around, she wants to use weird dildo's, something most of her tippers are not even into (me included). I'm a bit worried where this is going to. :( I do my best to support her but I can't do it...
  13. Makko

    MFC new model banner

    Actually the default is SEVEN days not 90. And I believe it starts when you first go live. And also the rooms are default set for camscore not 'number of people'.
  14. Makko

    Going from grey to buying tokens

    I was using Clips4Sale for a few years and wondered if there were other clipsites. So I simply googled for that. First I found AP Clips, but didn't find it too interesting. I found MV a little later.
  15. Makko

    Going from grey to buying tokens

    Same day. The reason was me being a cheapskate really. I bought a couple of her video's on MV. I saw in her profile that she cammed so took a look. She offered her video's way cheaper on the camsite so I bought tokens to buy a few vids. It was the first time I was on a camsite and didn't know...
  16. Makko

    The truth in this industry?

    You seem to think that guys only visit camsites to stare at a pretty female bodypart. Though I won't lie, it does help, personality is a very big part of it as well. I visit my favorite model because of her enthusiasm, that she's so energetic, that we share many favorite things. That when I...
  17. Makko

    Friendship between a model and a member

    The model I visit (the only one I visit), I'm her most loyal and biggest tipper. She seems to truly like my company, especially if it's quiet, and seems disappointed when I leave. I like her a lot, think about her when she's not online and she sends me the occasional snaps out of her work hours...
  18. Makko

    Popular Convo topics in Chat

    I always like to talk about movies/series. What I recently watched or genres I like. My favorite model likes the same genre and we can talk for ages about certain movies that recently came out. Food is also a good subject. We all eat and we all have different tastes. Same goes for drinking.
  19. Makko

    MFC differences for a newbie

    New model status can be changed by members from Never to 90 days, but default is 7 days. I never changed it and I assume most people don't.
  20. Makko

    What is your preferred method of tipping...

    The most annoying part of walls of small tips is that it moves both the conversation and tipmenu tips from the screen. I always feel like a jerk when I have to remind a model I tipped for something. And the chance she missed my tip gets a lot bigger with these 1 token walls. I'm happy for all...