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    Advice choosing platform again

    Hello guys! I have been camming for a while now, mostly on streamate. This site helped me paying my bills and being independent, since January/February streamate it's pretty dead and i'm broke, sometimes didn't reach minimum payout. Fucking crazy. I'm in South America, they send less traffic...
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    Skyprivate experiences?

    What's your experience with sky private?
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    Not sure if I should quit camming

    Hello guys...I'm not sure if I should quit camming. I have been doing this since 2021, invested in pc, pics, etc. It's getting hard for me, very slow and I have a weak mental health (ptsd) so i have a hard time being consistent and adjusting. I usually just break down and stop working for days...
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    Is streamate still slow for you?

    I have been having terrible issues with Streamate since they had a breakdown and bankrtuptcy. I no longer even make minimum payout sometimes. This site it's BS.
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    Is streamate still slow for you?

    Hello everyone. I still have tons of issues with this site, and I'm fed up with the 30% and less traffic to Latin America. I'm thinking about leaving it. Anyone still has almost no traffic? What site are you using instead?r
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    Halloween with SoulCams!

    Wondering how someone can open up a cam site without doing basic research.Paypal it's the worst for adult work. You need to use paxum, crypto, masspay, etc. NO PAYPAL.
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    Camming stole my years

    You can cam , study and quit at your age again. It's not the end
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    Gameplay/Joystick tv experiences?

    Hello everyone. I would like to know your experiences with gaming on cam and using and eplay. I would like to give it a try.
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    I don't know what to do

    I tried 4 sites and made zero...It's annoying. Now I make an extra. I really feel I want to die....How can this be so unstable. I have invested time. Fuck all these pimps.
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    I don't know what to do

    Hello guys. I have been camming for 2 years and I have all the equipment. I used to make a consistent income until december/october of last year, and January/february was terrible. I literally made 0 to 50$ weekly. Streamate was my main site. I have tried other sites like cam4, and old stripchat...
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    No traffic

    I have tried cam4 and stripchat , zero. Tried skype private, zero. Like it's so slow. Cb almost zero every day and can't get a different job.
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    No traffic

    Camming it's no longer lucrative.
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    Camgirls with CPTSD

    Hello girls. I have complex ptsd and every time something triggers me I literally can't work and enter freeze mode. I would like to have a support online friend with cptsd and camgirl/cam boy.
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    Chaturbate is so dead

    Hello guys. I need some advice/help. I have on CB plus other 2 sites. I get max 30 users. None of them even talk or tip. I only get like 3 pvts per week. This site I barely make money. Why is this site so slow? It's supposed to be the top site. I have thought about quitting.
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    What do you think camsites can do better for models?

    Everything. They are all EXPLOTAITIVE...! SPECIALLY CHATURBATE!
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    Feel stuck in choosing strategies

    Hello guys. I feel stuck choosing strategies in camming. I really don't know what to do. I do 3 times at once, and I don't know in what type of show focusing. I feel dreadful and burned out since day 1, still can't quit.
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    Masspay to bitsafe

    Hello guys, anyone had an issue transferring from masspay to Bitsafe or any ebank?
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    what do you do on cam?

    Hello guys! what do you do on cam? Any ideas for shows?
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    Paxum no longer supports BITSAFE

    yes streamate had skrill and it was easy to change. my country it's socialist, if I transfer to bank, the government steals 60% and you don't get usd, you get my local currency. using sites with skrll has been helping, but sm is my main site. sucks so much! they have masspay, i wonder if i can...
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    Tips and help with CB

    Hello guys! I have been on cb for the last 2 months and it's my least performing site. Users enter and leave, no interaction. Is there any tips of what do you do? I usually listen to music, dance, talk to myself, reply to every comment and that's it.