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  1. Yassi_slut

    unban account

    Thank you so much @punker barbie for helping me.
  2. Yassi_slut

    unban account

    Good Day @punker barbie I just want to know. try to trace who using my passport , because this is my only account Yassi_slut , i never uploaded my passport to other account , hope you help me who using my passport and pictures ! Please help me to Trace or Locate who is using my passport and...
  3. Yassi_slut


    Good Morning @punker barbie hope you can help me in my problem , it so unfair i working in chaturbate for a year i was ban for no reason , when i open my account Yassi_slut i was banned maybe someone is using my passport or picture, I just want to know. try to trace who using my passport or...
  4. Yassi_slut

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi im Yassi a model of chaturbate. im glad that im here.
  5. Yassi_slut

    No respond from support

    I reported 3 days ago but no respond, im banned because someone using my identity or passport i reported it but until now no respond.. please help me @punker barbie