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    Account banned and I cannot create new accounts using my passport as well??

    I agree they just steal tokens and dont care,soon all models will run away from them,thre r lot of better sites !
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    They banned me without justification. Please help me

    Girl they took my 18522 tks they just dont care and ban everybody no reason , thry dont care 6 or 10 years u worked they just act wierd!! Haha
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    Account banned for no reason

    R u from support also? Why cb bans so many models and is it legal not pay funds models have earned!!??
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    Account banned, help please

    I agree ,to many wierd bans,use other sites, they just steal.tokens this way and ye they dont care why work on them!
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    Wearing masks

    Ye i found my illegal recorded shows today! Really mad plus cb scammed me, my funds r stuck in acc forever, cb support never replied
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    help with a banned account

    They just dont care! My money forever stuck in account
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    false accused

    Ye looks like this so many models banned and tokens r on hold so looks like we never see our money!!
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    wrongfully banned

    Same ,i never got reply, banned no reason,my 926$ is stuck in acc
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    Cb acc banned

    My cb acc is banned since 25 yh aug no reason, cb support never reply me, emailed them 3 times, how i can recieve mt hard earn tokens, plz help me get reply from cb supoort ,thx, my username supremebbxx
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    Cb banned my acc

    I was banned on 25 th of aug so i cusnt be here at all,worked on cb for 8 months only
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    Cb banned my acc

    No they never replied me so who can help me? Im so confused and had no old acc
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    Cb acc was banned

    Hi cb disnt reply me ! Never scc is still banned! Tokend r on hold! Punkie barbie yesterddat replied i got reply but nothing from cb support here is screenshits below plz help me get reply from cb acc ,when i can recieve my tokend and why my acc is banned!!
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    Cb banned my acc

    Im sorry but i got no reply from cb suppport yet how soon they reply to my email?
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    Cb banned my acc

    No they never replyed me ( where is their reply?
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    Cb banned my acc

    Supremebbxx is my username, i dont have ticket number becoz only got automatic reply from cb that they got my emails 3 times
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    Cb banned my acc

    Cb banned my acc, no reason, i emailed support thry ignore me for 12 days,im confused,didnt violate rules, plz help me get reply from them,thx