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  1. yummybrownfox

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    Just finished watching Law and Order. Farewell, Jack McCoy! :h:
  2. yummybrownfox

    Low stream

    Hi. Yes, even with very fast high-speed internet with amazing upload speed, there had been times when OBS gave me problems on MyFreeCams. So when that'd happen I'd have to decide if I want to fool around with this and that setting to try to fix it while I'm in a rush...or just stop running OBS...
  3. yummybrownfox

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    This. Especially when guys are "hemhawing around" or "fizzling around" (My mom and my granddad use these weird phrases 😂), dragging their asses in tipping towards that goal. If a goal is nowhere near being reached...and several minutes have passed since the last tip was received, don't be...
  4. yummybrownfox

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hi, gotamm. With this being your first post so far on the forum, you won’t have access to the Models Only section just yet. However you can continue posting in this public section of the forum, which also includes the “Ask-A-Model” section (That’s probably the best area for you to post your...
  5. yummybrownfox

    Payment Not Received

    Hi. Yeah, you could have just said everything you needed to say in the first thread you created. You didn’t need to make a second one. Charlie has already told you that she/they will look into it.
  6. yummybrownfox

    Why some Stripchat users always repeat in this two status?

    I have a guy on SextPanther who will add me to his contacts list…spend money chatting with me and unlocking my paid videos…and then he’ll deactivate his account. Then he’ll rejoin at a later time and do it all over again. He’s done it SEVERAL times, and he said that he does it so someone doesn’t...
  7. yummybrownfox


    Hi, Johnny. Just to didn't spend tokens on a model and then turn around and request a refund, right? You deleted your account after finishing in a model's room, and then changed your mind and decided that you want back in on the site (as a member)?
  8. yummybrownfox

    Is MassPay reliable and legit

    Yes, the few times I have used MassPay, I’ve received my money just fine. I am in the United States.
  9. yummybrownfox


  10. yummybrownfox

    Permanent ban for cosplay outfit

    I didn’t even know that having worn a sexy nun costume on CB was breaking their rules (I wasn’t banned for it, and wasn’t given a warning) until someone on one of these forums had mentioned that it’s against the rules (No uniforms 🙄). I really hope they give you your account back, because...
  11. yummybrownfox

    Why do members and sometimes camgirls constantly say "welcome back" ?

    Yeah, now that you mention it, I do think it's a tad silly. Just seems like one more thing that members will say/do (instead of tip), and expect the model to reply with a thank you. :p Like okay,'re acting like I just got back from a trip to The Bahamas. 😂 I just ran downstairs to...
  12. yummybrownfox

    Anyone use Plasma messenger?

    When I was a Stripchat model, I enabled Plasma Messenger as soon as I'd learned about it...because I think it's such a great feature. To be able to earn money texting Stripchat members without having to worry about giving them a Google Voice or TextNow number to contact you on. 👍 I only ever had...
  13. yummybrownfox

    How to hide rating/reviews/score on model Stripchat?

    Hiding bad reviews doesn’t always mean the model is garbage though. As stated, there are members who will abuse the feature simply because a model told them “no” about something. If you’re going to allow people to leave reviews for everyone to see, then at least allow the model the option of...
  14. yummybrownfox

    Daily Thoughts

    Go 'head, Usher!!! 🔥
  15. yummybrownfox

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Andre needs to focus on learning the difference between to/too/two, rather than ask stupid-ass questions in an attempt to slut-shame women.
  16. yummybrownfox

    Cam site recommendation

    MyFreeCams doesn’t accept male models, so just sign up as a model on Stripchat. I don’t recommend visiting other models’ rooms while you’re still logged in as a model yourself. So I think you should make yourself a Stripchat member account too, that’s just for visiting and tipping models. I...
  17. yummybrownfox

    Broadcaster no longer online?

    No way of knowing unless they tell you directly. If they’re on a social media platform (such as Twitter/X) and you follow them on there, you can try reaching out to them on there with a friendly message. Or you can message them on the cam site. If the site allows you to send offline tips...
  18. yummybrownfox

    Streammate user name change (member)

    Yes, just keep it the same. Changing your name is unnecessary. You revisiting the models after a while of being gone (and tipping them) will be a nice surprise. 🙂
  19. yummybrownfox

    My Acount is banned forever

    Hi. Did he tell you at the end of the conversation that he’s 13, and then you immediately ended the conversation and reported/blocked him? Or are you saying that he told you at the beginning (or middle) of the conversation that he’s 13, and you continued to have a conversation with him?
  20. yummybrownfox

    Daily Thoughts

    Tiramisu is so good! I also like Black Forest Cake, and the only grocery store I’ve ever seen it in is a Safeway store. And then a few weeks ago I saw one at ShopRite…formerly known as Klein’s. I said OMG, whyyy couldn’t they have this cake available as a single serving portion? Because I was...