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    How to deal with a second person who leave within 30 seconds in private?

    Will this help? Since people change usernames. Will SM block them for me? Thanks for replying!
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    How to deal with a second person who leave within 30 seconds in private?

    The first 30 seconds, a person does not get charged. So i never show anything within 30 seconds. But what about if 1 person takes you private longer, and then a second user keeps popping in and then leaves with 30 seconds nonstop? A certain person keeps doing this, and basically gets to see my...
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    Do you ignore people, tell them no, or report them when they ask for something against the rules?

    I am a cam girl on Streamate and the rules are very strict. Sometimes someone asks if i have an OF or social media. Which is against the rules to share. But i read conflicting stories. Some people say you can get your account closed, for simply ignoring someone mentioning that. How is that...
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    Does anyone make a profit with SM fanclub or selling pictures/videos?

    I'm a new model on SM and i'd like to earn some more. I was thinking of starting a fan club on Streamate and selling pictures/videos. Has anyone tried this? Do people buy it? If someone could give me their personal experience / advice, i would really appreciate it. Ps: I heard the rules on SM...
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    Is it possible to create an Onlyfans account for my girlfriend if it's blocked in her country?

    I am a beginner cam girl and have an onlyfans. My long distance girlfriend knows about this and supports me. But she lives in Russia. She is 100% against the war, but she is helpless about the situation like everyone else. She hates her country and wishes things were different, but unfortunately...
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    High pitched beeping sound with my logitech Brio when camming

    Hi everyone, i'm trying to set up my camera at home as a new cam girl. But when i use my Logitech Brio, i hear a high loud continuous pitched beeping noise. Like some kind of interference. Did anyone experience something similar? Do you know how to fix this? I really need to solve this so i...
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    Best payment option for streamate for a Colombian resident?

    Hi i'm currently planning to become a cam girl on streamate and i live in colombia. I have 2 payment options, Paxum and Epayservices, but i have no idea which one is actually better. I've done some research on this forum and reddit etc, and there's a lot of people complaining about both...