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    affiliates program

    does anyone use the affiliates program?? i’m thinking of doing it but i’m not sure what a good traffic source would be , i’m considering using maybe my snapchat and maybe getting traffic thru “my sexy jobs” website
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    hello, i am trying to figure out how to fix something on chatbox? When im using chatbox and streaming it isnt automaticlyy updatig my msgs anymore it says "paused due to scroll" how do i fix that does anyone know??
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    Which sites offer the most exsposure or promotion for new models ?? looking to signup on some more sites. also, i am trying to master multi-streaming- it is overwhelming, does anyone have any tips or advice for streaming on multiple sites and navigating them all smoothly
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    What personally would u say is a necessity(s) in your toy collection and outfit collection? I am needing to add some stuff to my collection and i llove to here from other models
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    Question for other models

    Very interested ! Good to know. I have been attempting and failing to signup for streamate and jerkmate but everytime i have tried i fail i dont know what i was doing wrong maybe i will try signing up there again bc i am more physcial for the most part as well at least i think so
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    How do i add sugarbounce/ manyvids to my streamster?

    hello so someone just recently told me i can add basically any site ib want to stream on to streamster or obs, how do i set that up for sugarbounce there isnt like a option for me to find streamkey and shizzz??
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    hiiii againnnn

    Does anyone have any special online shopping sites that are a must for cam girls wardrobe ??
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    Question for other models

    What sites are the easiest to sign up for and also which sites do you feel like you have made the most on and had the most exsposure? Thank you for ur input! I take my camming pretty seriously so i am so glad i signed up for this forum should have done so long ago (:
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    What are all the camsites that offer obs

    thnk you i have been using obs gfor 6 months now and did not know that i thought only certain websites were compatable w it! thank you!
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    What are all the camsites that offer obs

    and is im live one of them?
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    Model Verification Requests

    click Here for my cb link and here for bongacams . look forward to being appart of this site HI everyone! Ive been camming now for 1-2yrs on and off! Im happy to be appart of the community here!
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    How to list myself under VR Model ?

    do you have to have specific equipment for veiwers to watch ur room in vr??
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    CB related Question

    Quick question, can my followers on CB see my birth-date on my profile??
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    helllo i saw ambercutie is a part of the pornhub paid model program how is that? also what sites are the best to cam on and easy to signup on that also allow obs im cb stripchat myfreecams bonga(my personal fave cb second) cherrytv cam4(not anymoe tho bc it randomly stopped working for obs and ect
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    What camsites offer assisted traffic?

    thank yes thank you but i mean sites thAT picfk there model like bongacams, not automated or whatever. Makes me feel like i have a career when the admins conacted me and gave me assisted traffic and also made me want to work more and follow rules to bc admins could b watching and idk i dont...
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    What camsites offer assisted traffic?

    So i have been on CB for 2yrs now my original account got suspended , so i had to completely restart my account from scratch again; so currently today i have 5000 followers give or take, i ve spent more time on cb than any other camsite, but i signed up for bongacams ab 4months ago, and have...
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    I would be interested in speaking w you daphnedixon is my chaturbate page my snapchat is daphnessecret look forward to hearing from you you can also reach me by email at
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hello. everyone. i am a cam model . i find your forum very helpful and also was looking for guidance and hope to promote myself here and gain more knowledge on all things webcam model related I stream on many sites, chaturbate bongacams, cherry tv live jasmine cam4 and im going to be signing up...
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    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    daphne dixon from chaturbate and daphne dawsen from bongacams