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  1. eyeteach

    Daily Thoughts

    Three words: It's. Fuckin'. Cold.
  2. eyeteach

    Looking for a camgirl

    I've been right here the entire time! What might I do for ya? :)
  3. eyeteach

    Daily Thoughts

    To paraphrase that late, great philosopher Freddie Mercury: "Fat bottom girls you make the WHOLE world go round!"
  4. eyeteach

    Happy holidays! Please take care of yourself , especially your mental health!

    I can not agree more with anything you've posted. Mental illness is just that, it's an illness...real and not imagined. If anyone reading this is suffering please seek professional help, don't fall prey to the stigma you think surrounds it. YOU are somebody special; YOU are irreplaceable...
  5. eyeteach

    Daily Thoughts

    Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars, oak tree you're in my way; there's too much coke, and too much smoke, too much going on inside you...
  6. eyeteach

    happy Halloween everyone

    Happy Halloween backatcha!
  7. eyeteach

    Spooky Season! What's on your Halloween watchlist?

    Back in college, during one of the interdisciplinary courses I took, the professor showed us a movie titled "The Turn of the Screw." This was like a Gothic set movie taken from a book adaptation (I believe it was a book, might have been a story) from like the 1890's...wish I could recall the...
  8. eyeteach

    Daily Thoughts

    Believe it or not there is still some good people on this bad world.
  9. eyeteach

    Daily Thoughts

    No not really and that's what has me puzzled.
  10. eyeteach

    Daily Thoughts

    Feeling sad and depressed and I don't know why.
  11. eyeteach

    Daily Thoughts

    Just stopping by to check in to see if anyone left me a message aaaannnndddd....nuthin'. :(
  12. eyeteach

    Im struggeling

    Seriously. WTF dude? She came here posting her frustrations and seeking support from her community and you jumped on her because of the most benign things such as her grammar??? Maybe I missed the memo but I have to ask who in hell died and made you the goddammit grammar nazi? Now I need to...
  13. eyeteach

    tea or coffee ?

    Not really a big coffee drinker, to be honest with you. And my taste in tea leans totally to sweet tea. Being from the south I make a mean pitcher of sweet tea!
  14. eyeteach

    What is your top 5 favorite videogames of all time?

    What game do you play on toilet? Call of Doodie. Speaking of which...(in no particular order) Call of Duty any WW2 edition Gun Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 & 2 Westward (I think that's what it was called) And I forget what I was gonna add, sorry.
  15. eyeteach

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Sometimes SpongeBob scares the fuck outta me too! ;)
  16. eyeteach

    Daily Thoughts

    I have two unwritten rules: 1. 2.
  17. eyeteach

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    Only Murders In The Building. Steve Martin and Martin Short have me rolling and Selena Gomez holds her own with those two.
  18. eyeteach

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Okay, you were heading to the top of the list with your screen-nic, but then you doubled down with grilled cheese! I swear if you say that you're Gryffindor I'll declare you as absolutely perfect and share my credit cards with you!
  19. eyeteach

    What do you do to stay pretty?

    Milk baths and masterbation...okay, I can't really back up that milk bath thingy.
  20. eyeteach

    Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars...oak tree you're in my way...

    Whiskey bottles, and brand new cars...oak tree you're in my way...