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    Been a year and a half for me. You are an inspiration!

    Been a year and a half for me. You are an inspiration!
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    Dangerous user

    I am so sorry you have to deal with this. If I see the name(s) I will report.
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    The difference between UK and USA

    The Yanks just got it wrong. Just like "all intensive purposes" for "all intents and purposes". But hey, what do you expect from people who had a President that said "nucular." (Just ribbing you, my US friends). :D ❤️
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    stellainheart Is Evil

    ... And I actually did!!!!! :rofl:
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    How Do I Get A Model To Unban Me From Her Room?

    The OP's posts over the last two days alone tell me that his ban was very likely not an accident.
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    stellainheart Is Evil

    I'm going to look for her, tip her, and remind her of how awesome she is and that she's doing a great job. :D
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    The difference between UK and USA

    Actually fanny-pussy. (At least in Scotland) Trunk -boot. Garbage can -dustbin Garbage Man - Dustman Thanks-Cheers You're welcome- Ta (Except in London where Cheers/Ta is reversed) Truck -Lorry Subway -Tube Bus -Tram
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    Dangerous user

    I am the only knight in my friend's room. She made me a knight without me asking, and I consider it an honour and a privilege. I also take it seriously. Fortunately I have only had to silence abusive users twice. Most of the time I am silencing spam bots. Lol. Thank you for posting this user's...
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    I put cream in my cup 1st and then pour the coffee. My mum did the same with milk in her tea. She called it "scalding the milk".
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    Switching sites as a member because a model asked me to?

    I met my friend on CB and she asked me to switch to Stripchat. She has the option of Exclusive Private there which pay her more, and she finds the site easier to navigate. I haven't looked back. SC is awesome.
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    Inaccurate Country Flags

    VERY good idea! I completely agree. A model's geographic location is of no consequence, users do not need to know it. In fact , the less they know the better , for safety reasons. Language is a different matter.
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    oli1988 ✅✅✅ WHO WANTS TO BUY CHEAP TOKENS? C.HECK MY T.ELEGRAM => @xhamstershop Guy keeps spamming this message in my friend's room. Is it a legit white site of Stripchat, or is it spam? Should I mute him?
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    Ask-a-Fan (Questions models have for viewers)

    I wouldn't go near that cesspool.
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    My friend just made me a knight! Without me asking!

    My friend just made me a knight! Without me asking!
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Oh my gosh she’s talking to me! User I think I made her smile! See, I’m charming, I told you! (Model starts dancing) User Wait, don’t start doing that, I’m trying to focus on making you feel good! Model @ User I'm (name) from Estonia I'm 45 User Ntmu. I’m not very smart outside of America. That...
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    This time it it is the model. My friend this morning : I need to go to the doctor. I need to take a lot of hormone tests Everyone annoyed me today. I forced myself to smile If I had a husband I would eat him
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    Needing advice about a model (no its not what u think)

    Many Russian models will put Estonia, Latvia, Poland, and yes Ukraine, on their bios as their origin. My friend is in Russia, but her bio says that she is from one of the Baltic countries. I once mentioned to her that I had met a model from Latvia. She laughed and said, "she's Russian".
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    Trump Indictment Link

    Speaking of which, the reaction of many Trump supporters is scary.
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    Trump Indictment Link

    The New York Times is another great source.