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  1. deltaepsilon

    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    The combination of the song and video that gets me:
  2. deltaepsilon

    One way to stop being recorded

    So this is one way to stop being recorded :giggle:, I know the model, she was quite upset I had to clam her down with a token a flow lol. The site is infamous so I won't mention the name, you can guess which one it is (****ate) She might not be popular, but she means the world to me :shy:
  3. deltaepsilon

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    I actually find it deeply offensive when AI suggests/recommends anything to me, I make a point to write an essay to the company:punch: ETA; even if it's a music playlist on youtube I usualy click do not show channel etc.
  4. deltaepsilon

    Midnight Movies and Horror Hosts

    omg so this is the origin of Paul Bearer on WWF
  5. deltaepsilon

    Halloween with SoulCams!

    3 very exceptional circumstances, rest assured this has not happened subsequently and unlikley to ever happen again. For Western Union I had to do a video call before transferring which made me very uncomfortable, even if it was just confirming basic details about me. All these happened at the...
  6. deltaepsilon

    Halloween with SoulCams!

    same it goes thorugh with Segpay?
  7. deltaepsilon

    Halloween with SoulCams!

    yeah I see, i was just checking my history on paypal to see how much i paid in fees! and I'm still in touch with 1 of the models and no issues raised and no further money sent so I guess it went through but yes I now use Western Union.
  8. deltaepsilon

    Halloween with SoulCams!

    out of interest is this just the Paypal US arm or does it apply ( as far as you know) to other countries as well? As an example I know I've sent money using Paypal friends and family feature, and as far as I know there have been no issues, in fact after reading your posts here I started to use...
  9. deltaepsilon

    Daily Thoughts

    strong resonance here 👍👍
  10. deltaepsilon

    A privacy warning

    On Telegram be uber careful with the groups and channel settings, if "everybody" is selected then you could end up in groups you did not voluntarily join, lot of bots use telegram
  11. deltaepsilon

    PPPPP (perfect planning prevents pathetic performance ) 😆

    PPPPP (perfect planning prevents pathetic performance ) 😆
  12. deltaepsilon

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to code?

    yes, did some python but found it easier to hire on needed to place trades in the market via an excel spreadsheet instead of 3rd party software so direct exchange access was needed (API) time commitments and relative cheapness of exisiting experitse from freelancers on...
  13. deltaepsilon

    Why do men on MFC continually ask for Skype shows?

    earlier in another thread he said he is only on Stripchat and Chaturbate I guess that counts for "ALL" sites, only surprise here is that he has not mentioned that he is a moderator and knight once again!:eggface:, he acts like he is the biggest spender in town advertising his Stripchat levels...
  14. deltaepsilon

    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    hearing these after a loooong time!
  15. deltaepsilon

    Daily Thoughts

    wild guess from me 1) you fell in love 2) money was exchanged (you know everything about thee model the model knows everythign about you) 3) not enough money was exchanged you still exist as a financial entity 4) you've read other stories but you are unique the world began with you 5) you have...
  16. deltaepsilon

    LiveJasmin mailing bot

    is it just me who gets inspired with confidence with security issues when I see cyrillic sciprt on an app :angelic: (well the screenshot anyway)
  17. deltaepsilon


  18. deltaepsilon

    A place for your ideas and suggestions

    how rude, and yes I know you are a moderator and knight for models you mention this often 🙄, and yes your level and experience is much higher than the rest :facepalm: lol
  19. deltaepsilon