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  1. Pommster

    Camera colors help

    You mean on MFC homepage? There's so much more processing and compressing going on there so it will most likely throw away some colours to make them smaller (a bit like converting to a GIF, which is limited to 256 colours).
  2. Pommster

    Camera colors help

    You can definitely apply a filter in OBS to correct the white balance. If you find your white balance shifting during your stream, install Logi Tune from the Logitech web site and disable automatic white balance and set it to a level you like.
  3. Pommster

    How to achieve ideal broadcast quality using a DSLR?

    Be aware that the free version of the Canon Webcam Utility tops out at 720P, though with the good lens, it will probably still look better than a webcam. For 1080P, you will need to pay, or use a capture card and connect to HDMI on the 5D - it has clean HDMI out which is good. You'll also need a...
  4. Pommster

    Does she really like me or just my tokens

    Pretty sure it's not Federal Unemployment Tax Act...
  5. Pommster

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    That happens on all cam sites. What you tip in public doesn't guarantee the model will stay in public. Not exactly losing tokens. It's up to you that you want to tip in public.[
  6. Pommster

    What do you collect?

    Dust, I collect dust 😆
  7. Pommster

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    That's what I call an indecent propsal.
  8. Pommster

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Do they ever answer back and disagree with your solution? 😆
  9. Pommster

    The Potential Cost of OnlyFans On The Adult Industry?

    Single source journalism based on hearsay is bad journalism.
  10. Pommster

    Laptop & camera

    Yeah, some of the very newest ones will have USB-C
  11. Pommster

    Meta Quest 3 and stripchat

    Okay, probably doable. What have you tried? APK Installer on the Meta Quest? Apparently Express VPN hosts the APK on their website so you can download that on your Quest 3 and use APK Installer to install the APK by selecting unknown sources. All the different options seems to be described...
  12. Pommster

    Meta Quest 3 and stripchat

    You basically want the VPN so you appear at a different location right? If your router supports it, you could put your whole network under VPN.
  13. Pommster

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Jeepers, I would have muted this clown after a couple of repetitions
  14. Pommster

    Laptop & camera

    And a capture device like an Elgato Cam Link to get the video from the HDMI out on the camera to USB on the computer (if you have a Mac, you'll need one with USB-C or an adapter).
  15. Pommster

    Laptop & camera

    The M2 13 inch is from 2022 and the 15 inch was from 2023. The are both much better than the Intel version (even the M1 from 2020 is much better).
  16. Pommster

    Laptop & camera

    Depends what MacBook Air you have. If you have one with an Intel CPU from a few years ago, I would say it's a bit underpowered and tends to overheat. The new M2 based MacBook Air is fantastic though and available in 13 or 15 inch models. I would say don't skimp on RAM though - go for 16GB.
  17. Pommster

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Works as a manger... animals eat out of him?
  18. Pommster

    Streaming HELP!!!!

    Unhelpfully, there are two OBS entries in the MFC wiki. Here is the more up-to-date one -
  19. Pommster

    Emoji Squares

    You may just have to wait until Microsoft rolls out an update with an updated emoji set.
  20. Pommster

    Things Models Do That Make You Shake Your Head / Chuckle to Yourself

    I'm seriously surprised that OBS doesn't have a mirrored preview feature yet.