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  1. ScarletVixen

    Got a Clips4Sale question? Post it here! :)

    Alright, I know this has probably been asked before, but I wanted to get some quick advice if anyone might have some for me... I have a general Main store right now on clips4sale where I post fetishes, solo and some boy/girl videos. I also have another that I opened awhile back that was going...
  2. ScarletVixen

    Myfreecams account to sell ?

    $$$$$$$$BUY GOLD!!!$$$$$$$MAXLEVELCHARS!!!$$$$$$FREE GOLD!!!$$$$$$$
  3. ScarletVixen

    Being a Cam Model Shows How Stupid You Are

    I hope this is appropriate enough ;)
  4. ScarletVixen

    Genuine orgasm

    :whistle: I think he gave an answer of sorts already in his earlier ramblings...
  5. ScarletVixen

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Hidden camera pointed at the mailbox. Once she has video she can go from there with figuring out the identity. At least it's something to start with.
  6. ScarletVixen


    Re: Cam modeling(whoring) is an evil practice :-D
  7. ScarletVixen

    April Fools

    Best Birthday gift ever. :lol:
  8. ScarletVixen

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    I have a great product for these frequent must be terribly embarrassing. ;)
  9. ScarletVixen

    Annoying things members do

    I'm pretty into writing/words and language in general, so I have a bad habit of trying to sound out some of the weird ass words people say in chatrooms when I'm on cam. Same with people that text me and can't type properly. I just...what do they thing they're saying, and why do they think it's...
  10. ScarletVixen

    Attention All Cam Girls

    You remind me so much of this guy from Boondock Saints...
  11. ScarletVixen

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    He may also have been referring to a dogs 'knot' aka part of the dogs penis that swells during mating. I've had and seen tons of guys that ask beastiality-related questions regularly.
  12. ScarletVixen

    Put It Up Your Butt!

  13. ScarletVixen

    Bubblegum Fetish

    I'm making a bubblegum video, breast expansion video and balloon video this week for some customs, I might have to make some doubles for other folks to enjoy too :D
  14. ScarletVixen

    Shitty Ask-a-Model - Like Ask-a-Model only shittier

    I usually take a warm bath with lots of soap after a cam session and oil my lady bits with Coconut Oil or Vitamin E Oil after I'm dry. Keeps things from rubbing when I'm sleeping and seems to help everything heal when/if it needs to. Ice...not so much. Brrrrr.
  15. ScarletVixen

    Model/Member Match (Meet your fetish here)

    Now you're speakin' my language :lol:
  16. ScarletVixen

    Dating a cam-girl advice?

    Thanks for letting me know what an "appropriate response" should have been. If you wish for that to be stated, feel free to state it for yourself, not for me. :)
  17. ScarletVixen

    Dating a cam-girl advice?

    This is the original 4-page topic that Rooster posted and already got a lot of posts/advice/info on: ... 28&t=14544 I'm adding it here because I believe the information within it is very important to the givers of any advice regarding this new post. It...
  18. ScarletVixen

    Dating a cam-girl advice?'m confused. :?
  19. ScarletVixen

    What do you remember about 09/11/2001? 12 years ago.

    I was 13, and my home-schooling was in session. That consisted of me on the couch with my english and math textbooks scattered around me, some open and others piled up, a few binders next to me, and the TV off while I was doing some sort of test or practice sheet. It gets fuzzy on the details on...