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  1. lizarrrd - Update! And still looking for new models!

    Great news! I expect record earnings this year. I'm going to arrange a sort of marathon. Hold me back! Somebody hold me back! All tokens will be mine! 😄
  2. lizarrrd

    Is this against the rules?

    This sounds very infantile and childish I think. You shouldn't believe every word they tell you. I also agree that this is an ordinary role-playing game and no one wanted a sequel. Many social media are allowed on BongaCams, most models advertise their Instagram, this can hardly be considered...
  3. lizarrrd

    Promotion for Chaturbate / Camsoda / Bongacams / Stripchat

    I can tell from my experience that almost every webcam platform has built-in tools for promotion. For example, on BongaCams I managed to raise my rating quite well by uploading photos and videos. They are also currently running a promo with a referral program. You can get a great bonus by...
  4. lizarrrd - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    Happy New Year everyone! May your dreams come true in 2024 🤩
  5. lizarrrd - Update! And still looking for new models!

    Happy New Year everyone! May your dreams come true in 2024 🤩
  6. lizarrrd

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    I recently rewatched the moive Jay and Silent Bob (2001). I had a blast like the first time :D
  7. lizarrrd - Update! And still looking for new models!

    Yeah, I hope too only a few days left. I also want to take part in the contest this year. I have no trouble making a bunch of such videos. I guess this will be useful to get more traffic. Why not?
  8. lizarrrd

    Banned for weird reason?

    Seems like something doesn't gel here. Is it a common story when you can get an account ban without any explanation?
  9. lizarrrd

    Whatcha been playing?

    Baldur's Gate 3 any thoughts? is it worth it?
  10. lizarrrd - Update! And still looking for new models!

    I prefer to just ignore such people whose main goal is to waste my time, they almost always get off quickly after that. Pm is used only for talking with guys I known not the first day
  11. lizarrrd

    Using BongaCams to advertise other platforms

    That's like.. really bad 😅
  12. lizarrrd

    ignoring and not helping site support

    Ban means ban. Why were you trying to reach out to them for this whole year? You could've been a millionaire already if you made a good use of your time :)
  13. lizarrrd

    My account is still banned !

    I read your messages here and still can't understand why they banned you. You were like.. role-playing in the nazi topic?
  14. lizarrrd

    Hi babes!

    Stream master is simple yet uncomfortable to work with 😅 Try to install all these programs/plugins/extensions separately, it'll be better that way. Use FAQs and contact the support in case you do not understand something. (i hope they won't just send the same links to faq page)
  15. lizarrrd

    Changing username

    Charlie already said that it's not how that works, but I just wonder. What if we had an option to block a person once and for all? Like we wouldn't have to block all new accounts that this person creates to reach out to us? Ohhh that would be perfect
  16. lizarrrd

    For all the in love w a camgirl dudes

    Therapy will be able to improve your life's state, but experienced sex worker understands exactly what a man needs. It'd not be bad if you have a talk with a worker first
  17. lizarrrd

    account banned

    Just as always 😅 There's a lot of other cam sites, try registering on some
  18. lizarrrd

    Shunned. Banned from CB. :(

    ++ to vixxen81 I didn't quite understand the issue and what's happening there, can you give us an update? Why didn't they let you know the reason for ban in the first place 😕
  19. lizarrrd

    Using objects as toys

    Colombian models are just crazy, I dk in what sense 🙄 but yes, freemium sites usually allow this kind of madness (sorry). When Im scrolling through chatrooms I tend to just skip these shows
  20. lizarrrd

    Token ?hore

    That would be an absolute disaster if it was true 😅 Do some sites have this kind of rule?