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    What was the last movie/show you watched?

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    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    I watched cam on Netflix. All the things you can be banned for made the main character top popular model . It was also a really freaky concept and is a bit like the terminater, a warning of what can happen in the AI world.
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    What site has this sound

    That's a worry so if kids happen to walk past your house on st and are talking loud you can get banned? It's hard to control anyone walking down the st talking loudly. It could happen at anytime if you live on a main rd.
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    Would you eat this for 1 million dollars?

    Oh I guess I'd just die poor as I couldn't eat anything or even get it into my mouth if gross . Even the thought of some of the stuff I've read on here and looked up has made me hurl up my breakfast. Yes I'm that bad. Smells and visual really can make me sick.why I gave up nursing is because I...
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    Beginner here, have some questions!

    cam models use toys that are interactive from lovense. They even have a sex machine ehich I discovered when I looked on lovense site that can be controlled by tips. I'm not sure if it's sound from tips that set it off or how it works but people seem to really enjoy setting them off with tips.
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    Ettiquitte if visiting another models room.

    Streaming more for fun now, I won some money and bought a good token package. Ill just cash out ones I get when I stream. My original idea was broadcast and always leave some in there to tip. Works out better deal that way as 1 token is 1 token whereas cashing out and buying means that I...
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    Ettiquitte if visiting another models room.

    How do you age verify but not as broadcaster?
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    Ettiquitte if visiting another models room.

    I have my looking profile which isn't broadcasters acct now . Geezers I would have thought no boadcadter would do what you put as don't dos. The only one is leaving and coming back in. It's happened when I've lost connection. I'm purple name now on My lookers acct and I tip well now. Won some...
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    Private Shows— how do they work/what to expect?😯🫣🙈🧜🏼‍♀️

    Unfortunately imo it would depend on how much financial burden a model is in if they force themselves to do something they don't want. I think the situation would dictate.
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    CB Private disconnecting - straight to public

    I remember having same issue around this date. I tried broadcasting another 2 times after being disconnected and error message and wondered if I'd been banned. If banned do you get error messages, nothing at all or a message clearly telling you? Also had a private disconnect when broadcasting on...
  11. F - Public Thread. New & Existing models are welcome!

    Any current new links for this plz.
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    Gaming the “top models” contest

    Oh gawd, if that was mine I wouldn't leave in in my bin in plain embarrassing was my first thought then second thought, someone didnt like their neighbor and stick it in their bin. As I type this I now notice cup in hand do very intentional to make people laugh. Anyone else notice...
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    Ettiquitte if visiting another models room.

    Am I able to transfer some of my tokens from my broadcast acct to my members acct?
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    Ettiquitte if visiting another models room.

    I never talk in the chat just tip. I tip small but often. I'll make another acct.
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    Ettiquitte if visiting another models room.

    Hi I'm new and am a new model . Before I started streaming around a month ago, did my 5th stream last night.,I visited rooms as a viewer and tipper. I tip the rooms I go into if I stay however don't say anything, I'm not sure if you go in and shut up or let them know first. Before I was a model...
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    Please delete post @ambresolved finally worked.
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    My person code is Dj09hL for chaturbate
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    Iam so sorry to post again . Iam now trying to age verify with passport but for over 20 minutes it's stuck on this screen. What else can I do now as my 2 week old replacement license they say is not recent and photo unrecognizable now I can't get past this screen with passport. Tried twice doing...
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    Still unable to age verify

    Support is just sending me standard emails which isn't addressing my question on how a 2 week old license is not recent and photo not recognizable. All I'm getting is standard replies one which is iam age verified and can accept tokens at 1.09 and another saying my id is not recent and photo not...