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    No so good behaviour from a model

    im tired af and thought this was a troll post about a model doing a show in her own private space then i realised it was in public. W.T.F report that if you get a chance. so gross
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    Members who have secondary accounts: why?

    well it's pretty easy to tell, some of them are pretending to type and not actually hitting the keyboard or they use a prop keyboard. i've spoken to a few of the people that do the typing, although they can get in trouble from the studio owners i think. most of them are men from my experience...
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    Important: I am a guy that helps models get more tokens.

    The same thing happened to me. a jealous user found me on a models Facebook page and started harassing me, created all sorts of uploads under my camsite username on different websites. sorry you have to deal with that, what a pain in the ass
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    Important: I am a guy that helps models get more tokens.

    without spending alot of money there's not really much you can do, other than ban people who are causing trouble in the chat rooms. in terms of the broadcast itself, thats all on the model. unless you plan to open up a studio or something i dont see you being able to help drastically
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    Seeking Partners

    Now this seems interesting, how do i sign up?
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    Members who have secondary accounts: why?

    studio monitors can watch everything as far as im aware, and im sure they notice somtimes when a big tipper comes into a models chat. also some of them do the chatting for the models if they're not so tech savvy (this is my understanding, i could be wrong)
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    Members who have secondary accounts: why?

    I have 2 accounts specifically because of jealous models. it does happen from time to time And i've learned turning off PMs only adds fuel to the fire sometimes 😨
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    Model /Rip Off Scam MFC

    If she genuinely ripped you off, report her for accepting off-site payments and provide proof. they will most likely ban her. But i would only go that route if you100% know she is ripping you off. kinda strange that she blocked you after already doing video chats though, maybe something else is...
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    6 Model accounts blocked few mins later my studio account gets blocked

    Is this trafficking thing really happening on cam sites? I've been around for awhile as a viewer and I've never seen a bad situation like that. maybe a few coked up Colombian girls partying, but thats about it.
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    A Model's REAL Instagram Was Suggested to me - but HOW?

    sorry i didnt read through all the replies, but did she search your instagram account while logged in to her real insta? facebook did something similar where if you search someones profile you would show up in their recommended friends, im not sure if this is still the case, but instagram may be...
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    Depressive members

    This is a rough one because they are probably genuinely depressed, lonely. suicidal etc. i highly doubt any of them are intentionally manipulating you for attention. additionally, the more you feed into this behavior you actually end up indirectly manipulating them in a bad way. you need to be...
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    In need of a reality check

    maybe she enjoys chatting but it's irresponsible what she is doing and you should definitely not feed into that behavior. it's almost guaranteed to end badly every time.
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    Model Screen Grab Images

    totally agree with this. I'll see a super enticing preview then enter the room and they are sometimes not even on screen, just kills the mood alittle.
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    Am I The Overreacting?

    where I'm from when you have a problem with someone you speak to them directly, not through mutual contacts. can you pm him directly and ask if he has a problem with you?
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    Lighting and scary viewers

    Scary viewers? i wouldn't be concerned at all, this is completely normal for most camsites that have a 'Next cam' option. Also if you see the same name and it's a regular , it could even be the web-browsers autofill when they type in the URL to connect to the website
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    Meeting up with a camgirl

    Well good luck with everything. don't get too attached and I'd say the the risks are minimal, could be a nice vacation regardless.
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    Meeting up with a camgirl

    I wouldn't say you're being delusional, but be honest with yourself. How long has she worked there? do you both share the same language? What makes you so special? is she from a poor country? how many tokens have you been giving her ? :giggle: does she work in a studio or is she...
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    Did I dump a scam or a model who actually cared for me?

    Because it's an easy way to make a quick buck, with little effort. they want that gringo money plain and simple. the models\studios that pull these stunts are mostly the ones that aren't doing very well\unprofessional. I've made a few friends over the years through webcam sites specifically...
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    Did I dump a scam or a model who actually cared for me?

    Bro she is trash drop her now, and don't get hooked back in, be grateful that it's only $1200 and not $25000 like some of the stories I've seen. 100% conning you. send her 1 last message and tell her where to go then block her.