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    permanently closed account

    Hi did u got your account back ?? Now. I can see your account on jerkmate which is Streamate
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    need additional support? -streamate model support references-

    Hello unable to livestream since 12 hour it says ERROR at 23 and 24 December 2023. I am trying since 12 hour what is happening I think New version is not working properly. How can I Go live 😫???? It always show lost streaming connections. Old streamate was good 👍 never faced such issues . No...
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    Payment is not received yet

    My streamate payment got stuck badly. Very bad 👎 they are replying me email. But no any change I was taking payment from skrill. Now they removed skrill and I have only paxum remain to receive my payments. But creating account and receiving payments in Paxum is not an easy task. I tried 😪 lot of...
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    Stripchat account banned on denying to paying ransom

    Hi, My stripchat account also banned because I used the Old Lush from my friend. My friend's account was banned 4 months ago she was not earning much. So she doesn't care 😕. I bought that Lush in half price. As I can imagine my account git permanently banned. 😆 lol and u guys sucked my 5000...
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    My model account with a balance of 20,000 tokens was banned for the second time for a false reason!

    Stripchat banned models sometimes without reason. They think 🤔 they are the only website who is paying us higher amount. 50% of stripchat customers are fake most of them are hanckers .
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    Banned because i made a mistake

    Same happened to me with StripChat they will never activate your old account. So please 🙏 go to StripChat or Streamate or Chaturbate or Chamate or Tango.
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    Model application not being approved?

    I didn't faced this problem when they need models they accept us with watever id we gave to them
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    Myfreecams support

    Hi I am reading it in 2023. Did they returned your payment. My payment also got stuck at streamate. 900$ approx. I got stresses lot. Right now can't sleep
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    New model Account authentication problem

    Hello, I had created model id , i got mail of account approval, they approved it. But now I can't login into it. It says account authentication required. Wat should I do now. I can't see anything in my account. I never registered before in MyFreeCams .
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    I uploaded the documents for 10 times mya documents still didn’t get the approval can you plz help me

    Hello, same is happening with My friend they need passport only in her case . Yess they used to take adhar card in 2020 but now they are not accepting it.
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    need additional support? -streamate model support references-

    Hello there is no mail for INDIAN MODELS so I decided to mail everyone. They are not giving my 900$ payment
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    Payment Methods

    Streamate payment methods sucks they don't pay us properly.
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    Payment Methods

    Hello I was using Skrill it was so good I don't know why they Removed in 1 January 2023
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    Streamate/Masspay/other payout options

    I thought indian models are left out. Cosmo doesn't work in india and epayservices sucks during account verification. In india they removed skrill also
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    MassPay fraud and streamate support ignoring models

    Hello, I am from India Same problem I am also facing even though after working 💪 2 years. They removed skrill don't know why.? Cosmo is also not in india 😐
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    Streamate models payment methods for india

    Hello, at 1 January 2023 streamate removed the SKRILL from payment methods. Cosmo and paxum doesn't work in india for individual account. I don't know 😕 MassPay will work for India or not. And they didn't pay me for 4 weeks which is almost $900. I sent approximately 20 emails but haven't...