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    Does a CB model know if they are tipped offline?

    Do they get a notification or PM the next time they log on?
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    Command that leaves the room for the common user “offline”

    Welcome to the Googlese dialect. This will be the new normal in another generation or three...
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    Unfair ban of model and myself

    From my experience, if your account DOES get reinstated then CB won't bother to tell you WHY you were banned, and will ignore questions to that effect. If you do get a positive resolution then you might want to take advantage of their brilliant (IMO) feature that allows their users to peruse...
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    Chaturbate down

    Rest assured they currently have the finest $3ph talent in Mumbai working on the issues.
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    Weird or crazy mods you have come across?

    Rockin' Rod's comment elsewhere debating the pros/cons of the showing of "silenced/kicked user XYZ" messages prompted me to recall this tale of the first (and hopefully last) control-freak of a mod I have come across at CB. This happened at a CB model's site that I regularly visited, but whose...
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    Empty Chat

    ^^^ Nor is the display of the quantity and names of other current users, but they still show 'em ;)
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    Empty Chat

    Seems they have now wisely reversed that dumb change 👍 Hopefully they will also undo the change that caused "broadcaster has kicked/silenced user XYZ" messages to be hidden.
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    Virginia election candidate Susanna Gibson being shamed for being a camgirl

    The fact that the main stream media included the Recurbate website name in those news reports suggests to me that some "influential" group is doing a hit on her, and maybe even getting their o/s cousins' business some free publicity as a bonus. But maybe I am just too cynical....
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    How to "downgrade" one's own Chaturbate user color?

    oops I only just now realized that Reddit seems to dislike hotlinking to its posts. This is a screencap of the thread:
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    How to "downgrade" one's own Chaturbate user color?

    I know it can be done, but don't know how. Anyone the wiser? BTW for those not sure why any CB user would want to do that, check the replies in this archived post:
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    Is there a way to see who is following me?

    My Profile -> Bio, click the number to the right of the "Followers:" text
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    split-streaming = reduced video quality at the viewer's end?

    I noticed the video quality of a model who streams at Chaturbate was suddenly grainier/more pixelated compared to previous visits. On each visit I had selected the maximum video resolution available (HD 720P). I did notice that the model had just started simultaneously streaming with Stripchat...
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    Unrightfully targeted & Permanently Banned

    How to Overcome a Meth Addiction
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    Tipping during private show; no acknowledgement of tips seems the tips were in fact transferred correctly. I guess the "xxx tipped yyy tokens" messages didn't appear because I'd tipped while the PM window had focus (and no, they didn't show up in the Public Chat window either), and maybe I didn't hear the tip sounds because she had the...
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    Tipping during private show; no acknowledgement of tips

    During a private I tipped a few times, but never heard the tip sound (or its echo from the room), nor did I see "xxx tipped yyy tokens" messages. The tips were deducted from my account though. Was this a temporary glitch, and does it mean the model didn't get those tokens?
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    Unable to send tokens

    Hmm never clicked on that Report Room until now, agree it's very odd that CB have "broadcaster is wrong gender" in the list yet tolerate it, especially considering they seem to be so trigger-happy with broadcaster bans in general. 🤷‍♀️
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    Unable to send tokens

    A "Crying Game" moment is something I too would be content to go through life without experiencing...
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    Some rooms unreachable when using a "white-list" affiliate...

    Interesting, never knew that of that quirky option. Seeing as it's a likely earnings loss for the model, maybe CB should clarify or reinforce their caveat by changing the "less viewers" text to "less owners of tokens"? There have been a few rooms I've visited over the years that gave me that...
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    Some rooms unreachable when using a "white-list" affiliate...

    ...instead they divert to the main screen. Reachable no problem though if I substitute "chaturbate" for the affiliate's website. Only happens with a very few rooms admittedly. Also not a temporary glitch, as I can retry a few days later and same problem exists.