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    my master account has been banned for more than 15 days.more tahn 30 models are waiting for their money

    Attention @punker barbie , Chaturbate Dear @punker barbie , Once again I write to you … my name is Jose Manuel Castaño Rojas, owner/operator of Elixirstudio17, d/b/a master Elixirstudio17 Studio in existence for over five years with significant revenues. Our studio is based in Medellin...
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    help with a banned account

    greetings @punker barbie , I have been trying to contact chaturbate support for about 10 days but I have not received any response to be able to solve the blocking of my elixirstudio17 account, on August 30 I uploaded two identity documents in the verification link from chaturbate to update...
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    banned account

    Thanks for the help @punker barbie but I have not received any response to the email where I receive the support messages, could there be a problem? Or where can I see that answer with the ticket number that you gave me?
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    banned account

    greetings @punker barbie barbie this message is to ask you for help with a situation, on August 29 the account elixirstudio17 uploaded two identity documents responding to orders from chaturbate support to update using the new identity verification method, but up to date Next I find that the...