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    Misunderstanding Caused Permanent Ban

    That setting "users who have tokens" means any color users. It does not mean they must have tokens CB is not very clear about the meaning. It is just like vixxen posted above
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    Need help

    It is but at the same time it is NOT to be used to spam PM/DM tippers in other rooms. If you are live on cam do not use it in other rooms unless you have had previous contact with that user. Poaching tippers from other rooms is not good. If you keep getting reported for spamming PMs/DMs by the...
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    Account for performer ebony_bj suspended for 14 days once again

    Unfortunately they changed that a couple of months ago. At least that was when I noticed it. Even if silenced PMs/DMs still work. Having your settings set to not allow chat by other broadcasters does nothing to stop the spam PMs and DMs. The only reason that I found this out is due me being age...
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    Broadcast suspended

    Unfortunately, these things do not get cleared up instantly. Takes a day or two for everything to be approved again for streaming. I am sure you will be able to stream again, just need to have a bit of patience. If his ID was approved on his account only, you may need to add him as a guest on...
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    Account for performer ebony_bj suspended for 14 days once again

    So , you want CB to tell you exactly what words are considered as spam messages so you stop using using those. I do not think CB will do that How about you stop posting in other rooms and trying to poach users from other models and/or stop PMing other users (usually tippers and dark purples)...
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    Anyone Can Promote Your Room Now

    On both, under featured and their specific tab. Couples will be promoted under couples tab as well, men under the men tab and trans under the the trans tab At least that is how I see it on desktop
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    Anyone Can Promote Your Room Now

    It has to be the same since there has been no site glitches as usually happens when CB introduces a "new feature". Just added the link for normal users to use now I do believe the price fluctuates according to how many models are using it. The more that use it the cheaper it is or it could be...
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    Anyone Can Promote Your Room Now

    It also looks like any model with 1000+ viewers in the room can not be promoted this way. I thought it may have been the new "toy button" to play with for some users as the reason some models had a greyed out button.. Will need to give it a few days for the newness to wear out and see how it...
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    Anyone Can Promote Your Room Now

    It would be nice if they allowed models to opt in to use that instead of just unannounced addition. If someone has already clicked on it then it will not work again until the 5 minutes is up. That would be why it is showing that way
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    Chaturbate followers

    Anonymous tipping only hides your name from the users in the room. The models who are getting the tips are always able to see who is tipping. No bot needed and they do not know if you have a premium subscription to CB or not. Followers do not see if you are online unless they see you in a room...
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    Payments issues

    You should check with paxum about that. I see that some models have had problems with trying to cash out via paxum.
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    Either I'm Stupid Or

    Only ones losing out on this will be the models themselves. I do think CB will just end the private when token balance reaches zero regardless of minimum time. Now all the "1 minute men" will be happy since they all look for that cheap private which this would provide. I just hope all models...
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    Can Chaturbate privates be streamed on other sites?

    CB has no specific rule about this but it also is not fair to the user that is paying for a private chat with you
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    If you can log in to your account and see your token balance then you are NOT banned. If you were banned you would see an "access denied, this account has been banned" message
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    Account Banned

    Hopefully you contacted first
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    you have gotten a response, you just refuse to acknowledge it. They may have given you a reason in that reply Unless you have payment information filled out how are they supposed to refund your tokens?
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    Lovense Extension Update

    Even that may not last long. Chrome is going to start disabling Manifest V2 extensions in June because they are updating their support to Manifest V3 extensions The small error that @KingMarti is seeing is due to the extension...
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    banned on chaturbate and all new accounts insta banned

    No. OBS does not decide to play videos by itself unless you add them to sources and switch to that. Not a likely excuse
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    Banned on chaturbate

    No. They must get age verified before you can stream again. It can be just on your account and they do not need to become a model
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    Scammed by a model, unsure if I have grounds to get refunded

    My original post in this thread which @NotYou replied to "Some guys still think what they pay for tokens is what the model will get" I am going by what the OP was posting where he assumes the model gets what it costs him to buy. I know models only get half of that 420 + 500 = 920 which...