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  1. cbhours

    No. 1099 should I make a complaint to department of Labor??

    Should have been sent out towards the end of January try searching your email for 123-45-6789 as that text is in the 1099 email.
  2. cbhours

    Logitech Brio 4k vs Logitech C922 1080p Webcam

    Only if ur doing it properly and adjusting the exposure down manually right? To achieve the smooth 60fps. Or does the auto software do that automatically now when doing 60fps? I haven't tried the newer Logitech software so not sure.
  3. cbhours

    Logitech Brio 4k vs Logitech C922 1080p Webcam

    That's not a brio issue that I'm aware of use the hue shift to shift it slightly. Why don't people like the elgato facecam? I played with it for a little while a few months ago while setting up a new PC and it seemed really nice the only con I...
  4. cbhours

    Either I'm Stupid Or

    thats correct the minimum is the per minute rate x minimum minutes. That setting was annoying users, I don't remember exactly how the information was presented but I remember several times I purchased tokens thinking I was going to start a private and then got surprised after trying to...
  5. cbhours

    Seeking Advice on Whether to Avoid Model/Studio

    That does happen, I know models that work in their brothers / sisters studio.
  6. cbhours

    Are people that rich? :)

    Missing some from CB
  7. cbhours

    Are people that rich? :)

    all im going to say is that some cam sites pay very close attention to big spenders and that doesn't mean the site is going to let them know
  8. cbhours

    Amazon wishlist What the actual F... (Rant)

    She probably does if shes in a different country because its much easier to find a third party seller willing to send internationally.
  9. cbhours

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    I heard about that, it seemed so unrealistic that people believed that story
  10. cbhours

    I can transmit but my thumbnail cannot be seen on the page,, soft ban ?

    You are currently on page15 and your thumbnail shows up just fine.
  11. cbhours

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    I rewatched alchemy of souls to show it to a fan of kdramas. I still think that's one of the best kdramas out there.
  12. cbhours

    Studio absconded with funds

    the studio ran off with your earnings...but they are still on the studio account..... .....what?
  13. cbhours

    Cam Site info mega sheet (Rules, payout info, ratings)

    wow luna you've been busy, really nice work!
  14. cbhours

    Can I un ignore a model

  15. cbhours

    Direct deposit concerns.

    The app he is using just shows what the name color means, if you have settings set to show you as light blue the text will match meaning it will say you have tokens. As far as I know it changes it every where across the site and all the apis
  16. cbhours


  17. cbhours

    Anime reccomendations?

    I forgot all about that anime, i'll have to rewatch it at some point. have you seen "ranking of kings" ?
  18. cbhours

    Stripchat new model tag

    I've never tried it but within the last year i've seen at least 4 different models in the CGP discord stripchat room say that each time they make a new account they get a new tag.
  19. cbhours

    Requesting your thoughts regarding a strange encounter with a camgirl.

    Studio accounts are sub accounts under a master studio account. The profits from the model are transferred automatically to the master account every day. The studio owner can request ID information be removed from a sub account. It basically belongs to the studio in every way, the model...
  20. cbhours

    Requesting your thoughts regarding a strange encounter with a camgirl.

    chances are high she's either quitting studios or she's being removed from studios.