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  1. DaintyPrentiss

    changing niches

    Hello fellow cam models! I've realized being a submissive cam model is more work than it deserves to be. The reason I chose to do it in the first place was because that is my primary role in my personal sexual relationship, and it just felt natural. I feel quite unfulfilled doing it so...
  2. DaintyPrentiss

    Making Commitments

    I'm making changes for myself, and I'm planning on a new streamate schedule, at least 3 hours, Mon-Sat, gauranteed. I will most likely be live more than this, but does 9pm-12a seem reasonable. Looking for girls who work nights, and simps who are looking for night owls to control them. lol...
  3. DaintyPrentiss

    Does Stripchat record your live streams

    My goodness, how are you so awesome? I wasn't expecting citation... lol jk. Thank you very much. :) That answered my question exactly. I skimmed through the TOS but, didn't catch that. You were very generous with this answer. thx again!
  4. DaintyPrentiss

    Does Stripchat record your live streams

    Hi, I know all about how the members on Stripchat can record public/private shows. if you (as a model) allow that, but does Stripchat itself record our live streams and store them in a database, or record at all in any circumstance?
  5. DaintyPrentiss

    Promo Period

    Hey, 'nother question: Looking to drive as many users to my page as I can during the Promo Period for us Stripchat newbies. Would anyone have advice for strategies that users might have shown positive attraction for in the past?
  6. DaintyPrentiss

    Adding friends

    Hi! I'm new to stripchat and have started receiving friend invites from members. Should I accept them? Should I put a price on accepting them? How might other models handle this, if they're familiar with stripchat? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. DaintyPrentiss

    Custom panels

    Hi! It's my 2nd day streaming on Stripchat, and I'm trying to complete my profile, and they want me to create 4 custom panels. I would like to get creative and was hoping to get some ideas from anyone who's familiar with Stripchat Panels. Anything would be appreciated! I'm so excited to take...
  8. DaintyPrentiss

    [POLL] What important feature are you currently missing that would improve your next stream?

    your poll is worthless. this was a pathetic excuse to get camgirls to interact with you. hope you liked the outcome. and i hope you get banned for pulling shit like this.
  9. DaintyPrentiss

    What would make camming easier?

    that's basically what i do, while trying to entice them with smooth movement and a sexy voice, but I don't actually start until we've at least gone 45 seconds in. A lot of times, their true nature comes out when they realize I'm not going to rush for them in like the first 15 seconds. So pathetic.
  10. DaintyPrentiss

    What would make camming easier?

    what question do you ask?
  11. DaintyPrentiss

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    idk wtf that link was...
  12. DaintyPrentiss

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    omg! you are a boss. I'm not sure how I would've reacted to that
  13. DaintyPrentiss

    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    I'm thinking you didn't believe this. am i wrong?
  14. DaintyPrentiss

    Daily Thoughts

    Looking to rent a room where I'm moving, but idk if that's a good idea, camming and all. I wonder if anyone may have tips in this kind of circumstance.
  15. DaintyPrentiss

    High and Low Times

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a time of the year when cammer might make less money compared to other times of the year. Or is it different for each cammer. I'd appreciate any viewpoints on this subject.
  16. DaintyPrentiss

    Daily Thoughts

    Thank youuu. This is so helpful. If I have any other questions regarding OBS, I'll definitely bark up your tree trunk. lol
  17. DaintyPrentiss

    Daily Thoughts

    Been trying to lose some weight for camming but some days the most i can do is watch what i eat. Though, I'm trying and its becoming noticeable. I love to exercise when I'm motivated, but this week has just been dragging, it seems. I want to be the best I can be, but it's hard when you're...
  18. DaintyPrentiss

    Daily Thoughts

    I've got lighting down. Hubby bought me a whole setup for that, and when positioned properly, works like a charm. I definitely will need to look into all of those other topics. I'm already apart of manyvids and pornhub. is that enough, or should i think about joining more clipsites? OMG, OBS is...
  19. DaintyPrentiss

    Daily Thoughts

    Good evening all, I'm moving soon which will put me in a position to begin camming, so I'm doing a bunch of research to prep myself better than the last time I cammed (about 3 years ago). I've read through business sense, budgeting and tax savings, and personality and attitude on cam. Where...