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  1. inertvolcano

    Met a cam model on tinder, difficulties ensued, seeking advice.

    See if anything in this thread sounds familiar.
  2. inertvolcano

    Whatcha been playing?

    I picked up The Planet Crafter which is a survival/crafting game where you terraform another planet. Reminds me of Subnautica, but there's no monsters or anything. You just explore and gather resources and build things. I can see that being boring for some but I've found it really relaxing.
  3. inertvolcano

    Chaturbate Visitors

    I don't generally use lovense so unfortunately I can't provide good answers there. Regular Tip Menu: 1. I prefer a list of items. 2. Most of the rooms I visit use /menu 3. Yes, I've taken advantage of the menu loading when I refresh the page in other rooms before.
  4. inertvolcano

    Daily Thoughts

    I learn the hard way once again not to open my mouth about things I know little about or am not personally involved in.
  5. inertvolcano

    Daily Thoughts

    Seems like one of those cases of someone wanting to break up but being too cowardly to say the real reason and coming up with some bullshit reason instead.
  6. inertvolcano

    Is communicating with WhatsApp safe?

    If safety is your concern then I wouldn't communicate with models off platform. My personal experience on Whatsapp has been fine but it's connected to my real phone number, my real name, and I'd never give it to anyone who I didn't want to know those things so my experiences aren't helpful to...
  7. inertvolcano

    Daily Thoughts

    I had an issue where I was being stalked by a guy for about ten years. He would make multiple accounts to harass me across social media, he made a web page about me and posted every photo of me that he could find to mock my appearance and to mock anyone else in the photos with me including my...
  8. inertvolcano

    can models ignore goals they set without consequence?

    I've know them to do a one time refund in cases like this but after that you're out of luck.
  9. inertvolcano

    What do you collect?

    I am mostly like KingMarti and don't collect physical possessions but my digital video game library is vast.
  10. inertvolcano

    Whatcha been playing?

    How does the difficulty compare to Battle Brothers? I loved Battle Brothers but found it way too hard for my mushy brain.
  11. inertvolcano

    Whatcha been playing?

    That's the first Disgaea game. It's a JRPG series. It is very grindy but very good. This is the one I'm playing currently. It is very good. What made me like it is the writing was very funny and interesting, the setting is strange and unique, and the way you make choices with your character...
  12. inertvolcano

    Whatcha been playing?

    I'm playing Disgaea 6. I saw Disgaea 7 came out, and realized I still hadn't finished 6 so I'm working on that. Fun if you like grindy RPGs with a weird sense of humor.
  13. inertvolcano

    Model "Room Operators" what are your thoughts?

    Avoid cam models from countries where operators are common or cam models working at a scale where they couldn't be possibly interacting with members without assistance. That's what I've done and, as far as I know, it's worked for me or well enough that I couldn't tell the difference.
  14. inertvolcano

    Anyone play hentai/eroge/sexy games?

    The VNs of Eva Kiss are decent and are written by a woman, don't contain sexual violence, and have branching storylines. One Red String and Good Girl Gone Bad are the two of hers that I know of. Crush Crush is good if you like idle games, and it's free, though after a certain point you probably...
  15. inertvolcano

    Midnight Movies and Horror Hosts

    I love Joe Bob but only discovered him when he showed up on Shudder. As a kid I'm not sure I watched any horror hosts unless you count Gilbert Gottfried on USA Up All Night. My October watch list is: Constantine, Carnival of Souls, Phenomena, Sharknado, Escape Room, Annabelle, Tenebre...
  16. inertvolcano

    Whatcha been playing?

    I loved Disco Elysium. It made me laugh so hard I couldn't breathe.
  17. inertvolcano

    Whatcha been playing?

    I feel like the last season just started! Let us know if it's good. I started a Barbarian last season but petered out after a bit.
  18. inertvolcano

    Is This A Scam?

    Thank you for the advice cbhours. And sorry if anyone gets confused, I deleted my post because I thought I was being rambling and self-involved about something not actually related to the original topic and thought I did it quick enough that no one had read it. 😅
  19. inertvolcano

    Do Adverts Work on You?

    Only fast food ads. Show me whatever new ridiculous mixture of meat and cheese is being sold at Taco Bell and I have to have one.
  20. inertvolcano

    Chaturbate High Spender Experience

    I can smell this post.