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  1. Poler_Bare

    Whatcha been playing?

    I've taken a break from Fallout 4 (to get excited about the new Fallout) to play GTA 4 again.
  2. Poler_Bare

    We are looking for a cam girls and cam studio to work with us!

    I'm in. Sign me right up. I will take the mystery form of payment every 20 days from my promised many viewers. Things are really turning around for me now!!
  3. Poler_Bare

    Youtube videos that make you laugh

    I've just discovered Gary the Goat and now I'm in love.
  4. Poler_Bare

    Significant other watching your videos/live feed?

    My SO will join my chatroom once in awhile and I put my content on a shared drive he can access if he wants to watch. I enjoy when he pops in because he can give me feedback on what was great, what to change etc but it's a bit awkward since my members don't know it's my SO and I don't make that...
  5. Poler_Bare

    Podcast nerds!

    I am absolutely obsessed with Hello Internet, have gone back and listened to them all from the beginning. Others I'm listening to are: 99% Invisible Doug Loves Movies Sourcefed Podcast Serial
  6. Poler_Bare


    I've gotten some pretty random fetish requests over the years that I try to fulfill if I'm comfortable with them but I resonate so much with above suit fetishes. That is totally mine, a man in a suit just...unfff.
  7. Poler_Bare

    American Horror Story

    I've watched all the seasons but the first and I'm loving Hotel even though the style seems so much different to me than the others, it almost seems like they changed writers or something. This season is definitely the goriest and more "horror" story than the others have been. So sad that my...
  8. Poler_Bare

    The Famous Name Game.

    Penelope Cruz
  9. Poler_Bare

    How do models let go after a particularly physical time on?

    Yeah I do the take-down process of shutting off my lights, music, and putting away any toys then I get jammies or just a large sweater on and go watch TV or play a video game and smoke before bed.
  10. Poler_Bare

    Whatcha been playing?

    They are so addictive!! Bulbapedia is my jam :)
  11. Poler_Bare

    Best Cover Song?

    Hands down my favourite cover, better than the original!
  12. Poler_Bare

    Whatcha been playing?

    I had a sudden urge to play Pokemon so now I'm playing Pokemon Emerald on a GameBoy Advance emulator. That is, until my precious baby Fallout 4 is released next month at which point I will be inseparable with my new Xbox One (which EEK I still need to buy!).
  13. Poler_Bare

    Thanks very much kind sir!

    Thanks very much kind sir!
  14. Poler_Bare

    Gaming on cam?

    To the girls who have gamed on MFC...I'm assuming it was PC gaming and you used something like ManyCam to split the stream? I really want to game on MFC on a chill night but I'm a console gamer and can't figure out a way to stream both me and my Xbox display in a manageable way. And I don't...
  15. Poler_Bare

    Things Everybody (But You) Find Sexy

    Bukakkes or anything with lots of cum, really. I did a facial in a BG vid and people seemed to love it but in reality I hate cum all over me, especially my face (If you have cleaned cum out of your eyebrows, lashes, or hairline: you know what I'm talking about). The whole thing just makes me cringe.
  16. Poler_Bare

    Do you smoke cigarettes?

    S/O and I both smoke weed, he smokes a weed and tobacco bowl mix, I just smoke weed. Went through a phase where I smoked cigs when I was drinking but overall I find I get nothing out of them and it tastes nasty to me so I don't anymore. Also grew up with my dad who smoked about a pack a day (in...
  17. Poler_Bare

    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    I'm currently obsessed with Hozier's entire album, but Take Me To Church is on repeat ALL THE TIME NOW. And here is is paired with some crazy ballet!
  18. Poler_Bare

    Sexy GIFs!!

    Imma just leave dem happy dances here, yeah? :)
  19. Poler_Bare

    What would you do if a fan approached you in real life?

    I've thought about this and how I would react so many times and I think Gemma hit the nail on the head by saying it would be completely depending upon the approach. If someone just came up and said they were a fan I would be flattered (and would most likely blush red as a tomato and stutter my...
  20. Poler_Bare


    When I was buying my new box spring and mattress awhile back, the salesman was going on and on about mattress and box spring covers to protect from bedbugs and described how devastating they can be and I now see why! I'm so sorry you're having to go through this! I had a flea infestation for an...