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  1. harleylynn

    haha yes im finally trying to come back!

    haha yes im finally trying to come back!
  2. harleylynn

    talking to viewers?

    hi!! theres a viewer that wants to skype with me, just to voice chat and thats it, and i was wondering how to go about that?
  3. harleylynn

    Scars and Camming.

    dont think this was very appropriate
  4. harleylynn

    Scars and Camming.

    i don't think so, honestly. i think self harm scars are incredibly difficult to get rid of, but i also think laser treatment is $$$$$$ and not ideal for most people. sometimes, you just kinda have to own it. like. this is me, this is what i am. **also extra tip, for purple toned scars, a...
  5. harleylynn

    I can't do make up at all!

    def! youtube is a great place, pinterest has good tips also :) i try not to order foundation/concealer online unless i know DEFINITELY the shade i am, things like that should be ordered in person. sephora professionals always know what they are talking about :) if you're starting out though, i...
  6. harleylynn

    Scars and Camming.

    i have scars predominantly on my left arm and my thighs, i usually cover them up with foundation in order not to bring attention to them or receive any unwanted questions about them. i've had people (not viewers, just people irl) question them intensely, try to make a spectacle out of them...
  7. harleylynn


  8. harleylynn

    Additional source of income for camgirls.

    idk if you know about this, and i am not too sure about how this works here, but have you tried also looking at gonewildaudio? tons of scripts there and also people providing scripts. if either writers/models are interested, this is a cool place to check out :)
  9. harleylynn

    movie suggestion thread? :o

    hey guys!! so i'm a big big pursuer of films and movies and such (though i'll be real i'm not good at keeping up with hem and get too lazy to watch any!). but yeah! i would love some cool movies you guys really like! we can make a little list of what movies we like and a lil blurb about what...
  10. harleylynn

    other cam models as friends?

    do it anyway! no shame!!
  11. harleylynn

    Daily Thoughts

    i've had a really weird member who goes, "woah! you look like my sister! but i'm still going to jack off to you anyway" and would NOT stop mentioning his sister. it was like....dude........
  12. harleylynn

    Anarchism, Libertarianism, etc...

    the real questions are asked
  13. harleylynn

    Questions and concerns with a part of my cam modeling..

    i wouldn't advise writing your address, i'm pretty sure you don't have to write it down on a package. but when it comes to your questions about stamps, cost, etc and whatnot:
  14. harleylynn

    other cam models as friends?

    yeah im totally interested! id love to make some model friends since my friends that do know about my job don't really relate/know what im talking about!! :o
  15. harleylynn

    other cam models as friends?

    ^_^ working on it
  16. harleylynn

    other cam models as friends?

    so i know theres forums like here and around the internet to meet orher cam models, but im also curious as to how models make friends with other models! is it really only forums and such? id really like to get to know cam models in the community and such and make friends :)
  17. harleylynn

    privacy issue? real name used in chat.

    these are all good ideas! thanks everyone :)
  18. harleylynn

    privacy issue? real name used in chat.

    im not sure. the name they used is a name that people call my outside of my most recent school. th eonly people who use that name were people from tumblr, exes, and people that are in my college at the moment. im thinking it is tumblr, though im not sure.
  19. harleylynn

    privacy issue? real name used in chat.

    while i was broadcasting today, someone on my public chat knew who i was, and said my real name in the chat, and im pretty nervous about whats to happen. any tips?