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  1. cexmental

    coding BIO problems

    The difference is the browser is looking for code written between the straight double quotation marks (as found on your keyboard). Your code contained a mixture of these and the "curly quotes" (alt 0147 | alt 0148). Code contained between "curly quotes" will get ignored by the interpreter. This...
  2. cexmental

    Every account I make is fine but when I try to upgrade to supporter it declines or goes through then same day account gets banned.

    Hi. On August 17, 2023 you were banned from the CB platform after asking for help on July 29, 2023 with your inability to control the platform from taking over your life. If you need help with addiction, | Cheers...
  3. cexmental

    Account PermaBanned, highly depression im +52yo

    Let's just focus on the Cannabis aspect of your post. Section 2, sub-section V. Performing while intoxicated, whether from alcohol or drugs (prescription, legal or illegal), is strictly prohibited. I know 1st hand that CB will issue warnings for...
  4. cexmental

    Can Chaturbate privates be streamed on other sites?

    CB allows you to stream on other sites concurrently, however, you are not permitted to advertise other sites with live-streaming. Section II. The Platform (as defined below) is an online platform providing social networking capabilities including both...
  5. cexmental

    NEW CB Bot -- Aura (fun with color, mute option, king option, and more)

    Aura is a CB add-on bot that assigns colors to users. Assigned colors attempt to match CB default chat colors. Colors include model orange, mod red, fan club green, king gold (custom), dark purple, light purple, dark blue, light blue, and finally grey. Text color can be over written for users...
  6. cexmental

    NEW CB Bot -- Recognize Grey

    Today I opened a project from 2020 (The Grey Team -- highlights specific grey users) for inspiration and ended up reworking it into Recognize Grey, a simple way to highlight all grey users. This new bot gives each grey user the same font and gradient color theme. Non-grey users can be added...
  7. cexmental

    Lovense Tip Animation Overlay Not Consistently Working

    Hi. I'm still confused because the Lovense plugin can not update the images that appear in the CB panel below the video window. That specific HTML panel can only be updated by a CB app. More info here: More info here...
  8. cexmental

    Lovense Tip Animation Overlay Not Consistently Working

    Hello. Are you referring to the animations that can appear in the panel below the video window on CB?
  9. cexmental

    can models ignore goals they set without consequence?

    You're lucky. I've only had responses from CB Staff that inform me tokens are a gift according to the CB TOS and no refunds will be issued.
  10. cexmental

    Synergy (all in 1 app) Calculator Update

    Hello. Synergy's /math command was re-imagined as /calc. The /calc command supports addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, parentheses for order of operations, and decimals to the nearest hundredth. Usage: /calc 2+2 or /calc (1*302)+499+(100/2) or /calc 1.547+(2*3) ** calculate...
  11. cexmental

    Synergy (all in 1 app) Stats & Math

    Hello everyone! I recently added a couple of nice additions to Synergy that help this app to stand apart from everything else currently available... The /users? command which compiles information about your active chat participants was updated to include some new information. This command...
  12. cexmental

    Synergy (all in 1 app) December Updates

    Hello and happy 2024! I've updated my CB legacy all-in-1-app, Synergy. Updates include more stats for the /users? command, a method for calculating tokens earned while private, and integrating CB's new 'shortcode' URL system. Synergy December 2023, roll-up(date)... + rewrote /users command...
  13. cexmental

    Synergy (All-In-One-App) ... The future of transmission

    July coming to a close marks the very first month since Synergy's release without an update. This ends 5 years of almost constant work. I had ideas for things I wanted to include, however I no longer have the available time. When I started my CB coding adventure I saw my hard work as building an...
  14. cexmental

    New model tag

    Hi. Each time studio models I've helped to transition into independent created a new account (using the same ID), they received the "new" tag. CB has been known to give out the 'new' tag to models who missed using it for 1 reason or another. You may benefit from contacting support, explaining to...
  15. cexmental

    Synergy (All-In-One-App) ... The future of transmission

    Synergy June 2023, roll-up(date)... + updated goal subject to display 'goal # - desc' w/elegant & panel only enabled + updated 'hide new user's chat' option to purge user from database on-leave + added lucky chance settings (new game) -- each qualifying tip has a 1-in-n chance of winning the...
  16. cexmental

    cam show pacing/dealing with boredom

    Hi, One suggestion I have is to use a 'hidden cam'/'ticket show' app or bot. When you feel the need to do a bit more but the tips aren't there, you can hide behind a hidden cam. That way you're still doing the same thing only now that show isn't given away for free. I've managed many studio...
  17. cexmental

    Authenticator app

    If you are having trouble finding Google's App, here are links for Android and iPhone. Cheers.
  18. cexmental

    obs sound CB

    Hi. Please try increasing the audio decibel setting in OBS. This will boost what level of sound is recorded and help you to catch sounds further from the microphone. The dB slider is found on the Audio Mixer. You can enable this by clicking on Docks > Audio Mixer. Cheers.
  19. cexmental

    1st Chaturbate Legacy API ChatGPT Coded Bots (3 examples)

    Last night I began a discussion with ChatGPT where I asked it to write a simple CB welcome/greet bot. The "AI" (used loosely because lets face it, it isn't yet Artificial Intelligent) argued with me. It kept saying it could not access CB, it could not interact with the API, and it did not know...
  20. cexmental

    Command /archive

    If you ever have specific questions or need help, I have open DMs on Twitter @cexmental and I can be reached at SynergyChaturbate @ gmail. Peace and blessings.