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  1. BritneyStorm

    permanently closed account

    I personally would have ended the show immediately if they asked for poo play. I always do and then block the user immediately if they ever ask for that. Just to protect myself against my account being closed and because they disgust me and I wouldn't want to do a show with them, even if poo...
  2. BritneyStorm

    Cum see me live on my webcam at

    Cum see me live on my webcam at
  3. BritneyStorm

    Mommy Fetish

    I'm just sick of it happening. It happens almost daily, even after I repeatedly tell the same guys that it isn't allowed and they keep it up. Calling me mommy like they're some 2 or 3 year old boy just creeps me out to no end. I know reporting them isn't going to do any good with Streamate and...
  4. BritneyStorm

    Mommy Fetish

    I've been camming for over 14 years on various cam sites but now only stream full time on Streaamate. This is the first and only cam site where I regularly have men coming into my room calling me mommy, wanting a son/mom role play fetish. It's gotten so bad, I've had to create a copy/paste...
  5. BritneyStorm

    Finally something good

    I hope they let you on and everything worked out! I'd miss camming so much!
  6. BritneyStorm

    Models creating new accounts over and over

    I only created a new account on Streamate because Streamate closed down my last account for a year and made me wait a year to reopen an account. Sometimes these things happen beyond the model's control.
  7. BritneyStorm

    Does anyone make a profit with SM fanclub or selling pictures/videos?

    I don't see how Streamate can be going out of business. I've tried TONS of camming sites including Imlive, Chaturbate, StripChat, MyFreeCams, and the list goes on and Streamate has always been the most profitable for me. So much so, that I hardly cam on any other sites now. They pay damn good...
  8. BritneyStorm

    Streammate Questions

    My room's been having issues as well these past 2-3 days which sucks because I'm losing business/money and I don't want my guests thinking that I just have a lousy internet connection and never come back when the issue is with the site and not me.
  9. BritneyStorm

    Permanent Ban

    I got permanently banned back in November of 2021 and it took me a year of emailing Liz every 2-3 months begging for a second chance before I got let back on. I REALLY had to do a LOT of apologizing, begging, and kissing butt to get my account back and it took a year. Every time I emailed Liz...
  10. BritneyStorm

    My account has been closed

    Yeah, having an unverified person on your webcam, even if they don't show their face, is a serious violation. I've been banned from Streamate myself before and emailed Liz every 2-3 months begging for a second chance and every time she would get a hold of the compliance department to get me back...
  11. BritneyStorm

    Ex-Model needing advice and guidance :)

    Yeah, is run by Streamray. Sounds similar to Streamate but two different companies/sites
  12. BritneyStorm

    Account permanently closed

    Nicely put, LilBrownDomme!