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  1. alexa_voltage

    Music During Private

    I was going to say exactly this lmao. Its still played at every party and club ever....but I had no idea there was another version lol
  2. alexa_voltage

    Do you still have Yu-Gi-Oh! cards?

    I still have my yugioh cards. I dont know what happened to my best deck though :( I still love the show. But I cant watch the english version much. The japanese version is so GOOD! So much was edited out from it.
  3. alexa_voltage

    When your asked to do Age-play

    Every cam site I know of would ban you or suspend your account for acting under age. You have to play a role of someone over 18. Even with ageplay. I have heard about plenty of models getting banned, especially on chaturbate. I have never been introuble myself though cuz I dont do it.
  4. alexa_voltage

    How does it come that on the main page on CB the models have 1000+ anonymous users

    How in the heck does someone buy traffic on chaturbate? Lol
  5. alexa_voltage

    Logitech webcams

    holy shit......the price tag though..... wowweeywow
  6. alexa_voltage

    TV Shows that ended to soon VS Shows that should of ended sooner

    I hate to fucking say it....The Walking Dead should have ended or kept old writers or something. It was probably my favorite show on Tv. But wtf happened after season 6?? Its just boring. Makes me wanna cry. Ill just stick to the comic I guess. And Andrew Lincoln is leaving this season. And so...
  7. alexa_voltage

    What Pet Names Peeve You?

    Pet names I like are Bippy and Cicero. They are my cats. Thats where pet names belong. Most pet names are the cringiest of the cringy cringes
  8. alexa_voltage

    OMG I just wanna dance

    I always wanna dance !!! DANCE PARTY!
  9. alexa_voltage

    Happy birthday!! ^_^

    Happy birthday!! ^_^
  10. alexa_voltage

    Havent updated this in a hiiii!

    Havent updated this in a hiiii!
  11. alexa_voltage

    Post a quote that gives away the movie WITHOUT saying the title.

    "Ill never let go...ill never let go Jack" :smuggrin:
  12. alexa_voltage

    What's Your Job Outside of Camming?

    Pretty sure she already answered your question when she said "i have 0 plans of stopping/slowing down" annnnd she also put what she could use if she decides otherwise. Dont really see why it matters to you anyways.
  13. alexa_voltage

    Would you be willing to date a guy who wasn't into watching or following sports?

    My bf has no interest in sports. Sooo yeiiiss :)
  14. alexa_voltage

    things that give you no hope for humanity

    The comment section of anything on facebook.....always a shit storm
  15. alexa_voltage

    Can we talk about mental illness?

    How do you go about getting a diagnosis? I learned the hard way that regular doctors dont do shit for you except throw you on pills.
  16. alexa_voltage

    Did you listen to Ashlee Simpson back in the day?

    I absolutely hated her singin voice. I call it Nasely simpson. She sings through her nose lmao
  17. alexa_voltage

    Cheap WebCam Options???

    The logitech c920 goes on sale a lot! Watch it on amazon. Cuz I know it goes on sale regularly on there.
  18. alexa_voltage

    Tip menu feedback

    I absolutely agree with this. This is probably one of the best points, or advice I have seen on tip menus. On that note, do you have any recommendations on what tip menu items would cater to customers? Maybe examples besides flashes. This might help OP and other models looking for help with...
  19. alexa_voltage

    Is it normal to cry when you make out with someone?

    Honestly if my bf started crying while making out with me I would probably start tearing up too. Theres just something so raw about a person letting go like that and letting their emotions out. It shows a lot of vulnerability that most people are way to scared to show. But like said above dont...
  20. alexa_voltage ???

    Have you found the thred for verification on here? Its worth it to take the time to get verified on here. And definitely use the search bar before making a new thred. You might be able to amswer some of the questions you have before getting verified!