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  1. Yavin4MFC

    YouTubers Are Not Your Friends - Article Interesting and well said.
  2. Yavin4MFC

    Request - Adult Friendly Cloud Storage Backup recommendations

    What does everyone use to provide an extra backup of all their videos, photos, general content and footage? Having multiple external drives is only doing so far. Is Dropbox fairly reliable and not in the habit of deleting adult content?
  3. Yavin4MFC

    Ordering Pizza

    half jokingly, I'm wondering if any model has ever ordered a member a pizza while on cam? obviously it only works if you know their address, but I think it would be hilarious to ninja order someone a pizza during a cam show or use it as a wager in some game, member has to give tokens, you have...
  4. Yavin4MFC

    Promotion at end of videos

    How do you put promotion items at the end of your videos? Whether it's social links, previews for similar types of videos, a link for a tip jar, etc? Have you gotten any extra sales or follows from them?
  5. Yavin4MFC

    Automated tweets from sales...

    Have any models not seen an increase in sales from automated tweets from video or store sales? Was there a significant difference between a 1:1 sale/tweet, or more sporadic, maybe 4:1 sales/tweet?
  6. Yavin4MFC

    Just got an Instant Pot...

    Any favorite recipes? Trying this out for my first time -
  7. Yavin4MFC

    Would you consider Larry Flynt a sex worker?

    Or Hugh Hefner would also work. Curious everyone's thoughts.
  8. Yavin4MFC

    MFC Traffic, Google Updates, Ads

    Related to my other forum thread. Couple other things to keep in mind: MFC is not "mobile first". That will hurt organic rankings over time. Google Chrome's built in ad-blocker specifically targeted spammy and intrusive ads. If that site mentioned in the tweet was placing those, that's on...
  9. Yavin4MFC

    Model and Viewer Analyics

    How accurate are analytics for sites like MFC when it comes to Viewers, New Viewers, etc? Does anyone know if they track cookies, account for Incognito mode, account for Returning Viewers across multiple sessions or devices, etc? Curious.
  10. Yavin4MFC

    Starting my first ever D&D session next week...

    So I'm involved in a geek singles group in my town, and next week a bunch of us are starting a D&D group. I've never played before. Any recommendations for classes/characters? Tips? It'll be 5th edition.
  11. Yavin4MFC

    Get any new games for Christmas/over the holidays?

    I was gifted Wolfenstein New Colossus at Christmas, and blitzed through Mass Effect Andromeda (more like hate played through it) leading up to it. Now deciding between starting something new or finishing another old game.
  12. Yavin4MFC

    Video Titles and Descriptions

    Has anyone ever had success re-releasing an old video with an updated title or description? Like it just did ok before but suddenly calling it something different or retiring it for a while and reintroducing it led to lots of sales?
  13. Yavin4MFC

    Redditor wondering about cam girl reputation management

    Just cross posting to bring to everyone's attention. I know there is some paid service that says they handle takedowns and stuff, but I have no experience with it and can't remember it's name right now. Original text: I made the stupid decision of being a cam girl and now I'm dealing with...
  14. Yavin4MFC

    Advertising and Selling Videos

    Not sure the best way to phrase this but overall, do you tend to sell more when you advertise a single video and sell it, or advertise a pack of videos and sell them, or just advertise all videos and sell them? Said another way, do you sell more videos when you focus on advertising a single...
  15. Yavin4MFC

    Watching other models' videos

    Do you tend to get turned on first or notice the technical, artistic aspects first? Obviously really only applies to models who are into
  16. Yavin4MFC

    Fun site that allows you to track achievements, see solutions for ones you are missing, and compare and contrast games with your buddies (for instance, I did not need to know I almost put 120 hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition...)
  17. Yavin4MFC

    Models who run websites - tool recommendation

    If you run a personal website or a site that sells tools (Cammodel Express), I'd like to suggest a very useful tool I've recently discovered - Hotjar I've mentioned this in a thread to ManyVids, but it allows you to see recordings of visitor interactions on your site...
  18. Yavin4MFC

    Reduced Income During Holidays

    What do you do to make up for reduced income during holidays, whether it's from lack of regulars or lack of time camming due to family events?
  19. Yavin4MFC


    I'm not quite sure how to ask this, since camming is a little different than a lot of digital marketing...but with camming often seeing a lot of requests and emails and repetitive tasks, what sort of automation tools or ideas do you use? Copy and paste scripts for info request emails? Scheduled...
  20. Yavin4MFC

    MFC's US Traffic/Presence

    I've seen it stated a few times online that MFC doesn't advertise or show up in Google search for certain I thought I'd take a little snapshot of MFC's general US traffic/presence today. Some of these categories can be expanded upon if you're curious, but hopefully this is some...