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  1. andreasky

    Hey sadly....i found new code and i delete my old code...sadly very code i found for the...

    Hey sadly....i found new code and i delete my old code...sadly very code i found for the floating icon wont work...can you help me by give like simple sample to follow....
  2. andreasky

    Chaturbate Codes for Bio

    Hey do you have code for all the icon to have same color and size? I need like 15 icons+
  3. andreasky

    Life After Porn

    The "movie" is true....sadly I was like some of these girls....most girls dont last long in the business...Sasha Grey, Belladona, Jesse Jameson are no more...its rare find girls that have been in business more then 2 years+...even Houston is camming cause once you go this road it seem you cant...
  4. andreasky

    Adding Images to Your Chaturbate Bio - Coding! I googled manyvids icon :D :D
  5. andreasky

    You're getting old!

    3rd Jan 1987 Aretha Franklin becomes the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (you were 8 days old) 9th Mar 1987 U2 releases the album The Joshua Tree (you were 2 months old) 19th Apr 1987 The Simpsons cartoon first appears as a series of shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show...
  6. andreasky

    Do you think camsites will ever decline in popularity?

    Camsite will come and go....just the girls....the guys will come and go....its like Las just have be ready when the dates comes when "your" site dies down and get unpopular...but the problem right is that like SM...has 1,000 sistersite so it hard find another site...all the site are...
  7. andreasky


  8. andreasky

    Hey...Kvothe are stilling offering custom profile?

    Hey...Kvothe are stilling offering custom profile?
  9. andreasky

    Models with kids?

    I am new mom of 8 months old....I work when he takes a nap....then at night my very caring husband take him for my shift 3pm-9pm....I think when he getting it will get easier but i hope i am not doing this for too late :D
  10. andreasky

    Camgirl bio live editor

    This might be stupid but is it FREE? I am limited on money but i want increase money on chaturbate with kewl profile
  11. andreasky


    Well I am not here to show off but it kind of sad....I am 29 years old....I have soo many toys and plus a husband i still haven't squirt and I had professional pornstar TRY make me I have been reading article....i still dont know what to do...I would like squirt it would help on...