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  1. Sugar_butt

    Where can I promote my Only Fans?

    Right now my OF is free with PPV and censored pictures offering uncensored for a low price. I can’t seem to figure out where I can promote my Only Fans besides MFC and Snapchat. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Sugar_butt

    Snapchat Marketing

    Okay so when I started caming several months ago I got LOTS of users buying my Snapchat. I have a price that’s “for life” which I know some say not to do, but I use it to market when I broadcast, votes on favorite things I do in shows along with daily nude/ semi nude. Now, I can’t get ANYONE to...
  3. Sugar_butt

    MFC Recording Club Shows w/ OBS

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for advice/ personal experiences from who may have tried or successfully recorded your own MFC club shows? I have a goal on my MFC Share page and once I reach it, I’m doing a show for anyone who participated at least a certain amount of tokens. However, there are kind...
  4. Sugar_butt

    Podcast or YouTube caming help suggestions?

    Hey guys! Recently I’ve started cam modeling on MFC and absolutely LOVE it! I find myself constantly researching all I can about all topics related to caming so that I can do better and make good choices. I was wondering if anyone had any favorite podcasts/ YouTubers that cover anything helpful...
  5. Sugar_butt

    Selling Videos on Profile

    Hello! I'm a newer model on MFC and had a question about selling videos on my profile. I know its a strict rule on MFC that male's CANNOT be on cam at all while steaming (duh). However, i see other models who sell videos of boy/girl action on their profiles. I've really tried to do research on...