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    LoVenSe LuSh 40 $

    hey Girls:) Im advertising that I have lovense lush 2 to sell. I didnt use it, because I was using lovense domi and one day I thought it died so I went to shop for lush,but then I found out that it was my phone bluetooth issue so Im not using lush,only domi. Let me know if anybody is interested.
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    Anybody know that?

    Just look at email which I got. I never used nothing like that. They offer trial for 9 $. What do you think about it?Anybody heard about it?
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    Chromacam <3

    Hey Broadcasters;) I wanna share something I really like. I downloaded it from site You have there greenscreen options but not good,but what I really love is option to blur yourbackround. In free version u can blur it to -2 level which is totally enough for nice view...
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    Cosmopayment daily payout

    Hello Anyone here received daily payouts via cosmo? I requested payout yesterday and still waiting. My friend too. Usually I was receiving payouts few hours before. I wrote 2 mails to support too but I didnt get automatic message that mail was delivered and they will contact me soon, as I was...
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    New Chaturbate Broadcaster Beta-what do you think?

    I noticed that optionyesterday and wondering what is better-beta or OBS. I have relly good internet (upload about 40 mb,good computer +logitech brio) but with beta maxkimum resolution is 720p. Maybe somebody know something more about this?
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    Legal traffic or Illegal Bot?

    What do you think about this? Prices are really big.I never tested it,because I dont know if I wont be banned for that.
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    OBS or no OBS?

    Hi Im working on chaturbate and from 2 years I have problems wirht using or not using OBS. Im very good in technical stuff, I checked all parameters, i have really good internet and cameras. Everyhting looks ok,but often when Im on OBS i see sometimes that people are coming,then leaving, again...
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    Hey I was broadcasting on my account nickiii666 as always. And I got warning from admin that my account need verification and I need upload ID. Lol i dont get it! I am verified and broadcast on that account from long time. I didnt do nothing, JUst got that warn and i cant accept tokens now...
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    cb problem?

    Hi All night and day I have problems with broadcats. No matter if I use oBS or no, on my end looks OK, but i have only 4-5 guests and they appear for a second and sometimes it takes time to connect to broadcast page