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  1. DearestVixen

    Lingerie: Yes/no/Where to buy?

    I looked around and it seems it's been a few years since there's been a thread like this so... I love to use lingerie in my shows and lately I've been snagging super cheap goodies off of ebay... but once again one of them is either later or not coming (I order most of my shit from China) so I'm...
  2. DearestVixen

    Microphone Roll-Call?

    I'm sure this has been done hundreds of times on this site but I couldn't find one thread that combined them all, mostly just ones looking for advice. This way if a model is looking at getting a specific mic maybe she can search and see if there is good/bad reviews from us for it. (if this has...
  3. DearestVixen

    What's your favorite food when sick?

    I woke up sick this morning and it got me thinking, what's your favorite food when you're sick? I like any kind of chicken pasta (ramen, knorr pasta sides, lipton, homemade with bouillon cubes... etc). I know soup is probably a popular choice so I'll list my runner up which is cucumbers! They...
  4. DearestVixen

    Chaturbate Testbed error

    I'm honestly not sure this is the best place to talk about this but hopefully someone can help.... So I'm trying to combine two bots for chaturbate because I want an all in one bot and the one I currently use doesn't notify people upon entering room. But when I go to create an account at...
  5. DearestVixen

    2 girl couple shows 2nd member?

    I'm not sure exactly how to ask this, but if any girls have started doing couple shows with another girl, was it a girl you knew in real life? Or a girl you met through your site? I just watched two models who said they met through the site and one of them travels to the other a week or so every...
  6. DearestVixen

    Any models switch from camming to twitch? (or viceversa)

    I was just wondering if any cam models have gone from camming to start video game streaming, or gone from video game streaming to start camming and how that affected you/your chat rooms on each site? Feel free to drop links to either kind of stream!