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  3. fitforlove

    Trying new sites?

    Lets make our own site 🤔
  4. fitforlove

    Obs chaturbate upload

    What bitrate are you using for 1080p 60fps?
  5. fitforlove

    change photo

    Owner must be a feminist. 😆
  6. Me


  7. fitforlove

    change photo

    What is MFC though? Streaming site like CB?
  8. fitforlove

    Obs chaturbate upload

    I stream 7000bitrate for 1080p and 30fps, going for 60fps would require atleast double that, are you using a camcoder for streaming? If not then I dont think there is a webcam that can stream at 60fps. Correct me if I am wrong:)
  9. fitforlove

    Who the F*$%# are you?! Introduce yourself here.

    Hello. I am a fitness pro, boxer, good cook, really positive person. Model at cb ofcourse, but thinking about switching sites. This forum caught my attention, because it brings us broadcasters to a place where we can communicate, share our knowlendge and help each other out! So will be posting...
  10. fitforlove

    Is there a decline in the number of Chaturbate's viewers?

    Hey fellow broadcasters! Having a decline also.. Any other good site to broadcast?